Emerging Leaders Alliance: 5 Questions with Rachael Driscoll

July 16th, 2017

As an emerging leader, who are you?

I am not an actual member but definitely feel a strong connection to the ELA. I support the Emerging Leaders Alliance as the in-house graphic designer for The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, and I love participating in the ELA book clubs and speed networking events. My husband and I moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, two years ago after being in Portland, Oregon for nine years. Leaving Portland, I had an immense amount of Portland pride. This means that I had pride in the people and places around me that made up my community. After relocating to Northeast Indiana, I wanted to help, and be part of creating Northeast Indiana pride. This led me to participate, volunteer, and be involved as much as possible. I am so excited to see the large amount of potential and momentum that is growing in this city and region.

What counties do or have you lived in here in Northeast Indiana?

I live in Allen County but have extended family living in Whitley County. I am lucky enough to enjoy the lake life there in addition to everything that the city has to offer.

What do you love about Northeast Indiana?

Opportunity. There is so much opportunity here. There is no waiting list; you just have to get involved. It is a really cool environment. Some of my favorite things include Fort Wayne Free Art Collective, Wunderkammer, Design Week Fort Wayne, Middle Waves, Art This Way Fort Wayne, and Open Streets Fort Wayne.

What would you like to see in Northeast Indiana in the future?

I am super excited for all of the Road to One Million projects to come to fruition. This includes everything from Riverfront Fort Wayne projects to the trail systems in Northeast Indiana that have received funding. When it comes down to it, people move for a job but stay for the place. This place is becoming a special one! I have found a lot of pride while being here!

What is something that you have done in Northeast Indiana that you never expected to do?

My proudest moment so far was when I helped paint the first street-legal crosswalk on Fairfield Avenue at Packard Avenue in Fort Wayne. It is a piano-key crosswalk honoring the long history of Packard Pianos that were once made near the intersection.



by Stephen J. Bailey for the Emerging Leaders Alliance, a program of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership