Jobs Are Still a Better Talent-Attraction Asset than Place According to DCI Report

April 18th, 2017

Why do people move? That’s the question economic development and tourism marketing consultancy Development Counsellors International attempted to answer with a survey of more than 1,000 working-age individuals. The resulting report, “Talent Wars: What People Look for in Jobs and Location,” finds that while quality of place certainly influences people’s relocation decisions, good jobs are still the primary motivator. The report also shares findings on:

  1. The most important career- and benefit-related factors when considering a new job opportunity.
  2. The various career and lifestyle factors that weigh on the decision to relocate and how they differ by life stage and age.
  3. The most influential sources of information when evaluating various communities in which to locate.

The survey found a 50-50 split between those willing to relocate without a job offer and those who will move only for a job, with no variance across age groups. This challenges the popular narrative that young people “choose where to live first and where to work second.” Similarly, a job’s location was just the fifth-most important factor for job seekers. Salary, work-life balance, company benefits, and advancement opportunities were more important.

The top five factors that do weigh on relocation decisions were: cost of living, housing costs, housing availability, healthcare, and job opportunities for a spouse/partner.

The report concludes with four key takeaways:

  1. Employers are the best talent-attraction asset.
  2. Don’t take tourism’s role for granted (76 percent of respondents form their opinions of a community based on first-hand experiences).
  3. Locals are your best advertisements. While digital advertising is important, friends and family remain primary influencers in how people search for job opportunities and where they move.
  4. Money talks. Good salaries and a low cost of living continue to reign supreme in the movement of talent.
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