Northeast Indiana’s 2016 Annual Report

By: Jaclyn Goldsborough on August 31st, 2017

Momumental Growth Through Tenacious Leadership

The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership's 2016 Annual Report showcases the monumental growth and tenacious regional leadership driving Northeast Indiana's success and progress. Accomplishments in 2016 are a testament to the collaborative spirit of the region and the focus on results.

Several noteworthy achievements include:

  • 6 Consecutive Years of Increasing Per Capita Personal Income in Northeast Indiana
  • $254.496 Million in Total Road to One Million Project Investment
  • Major Markets Strategy Implementation
  • Launch of Northeast Indiana's Website and Jobs Portal

Click here to read or download the full 2016 Annual Report. 

To learn more about Northeast Indiana’s results and successes last year, visit the website or contact Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Communications Kate Virag for more information.

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