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88% of Internship Program Students Would Live in Northeast Indiana after College

September 9th, 2019

Northeast Indiana Interns Share Feedback

In Northeast Indiana and Fort Wayne, we know that having an increasing number of high-quality internships and experiential learning opportunities will prepare students for full-time employment and expand our talent pool for regional employers. That’s why we host the Professional Development Series as part of our Regional Internship Program for Employers

This year, almost 200 interns attended our Professional Development sessions. We compiled data to better understand the demographics and perception of regional interns. This is what we found:

  • 52% of our interns' hometowns are in Indiana, and 51% of those hometowns are within the region
  • Students came from China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Utah, Connecticut, New York City and Iowa, just to name a few
  • 61% of students attended schools outside of Indiana
  • 87% of attendees found the information presented to be absolutely valuable for their future career
  • 88% of interns surveyed would consider living in Northeast Indiana after graduation

The data shows us that our region is attracting talent, and we must continue to make efforts to keep them here (whether they are from here or not).