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3 Ways Northeast Indiana Employers Can Market the Region While Recruiting Talent

By: Jaclyn Goldsborough on November 5th, 2018

Marketing Material Can Help Attract Talent to Community

Employers in Northeast Indiana are in desperate need of talented workers. National unemployment levels remain low and baby boomers are aging out of the workforce. Today, there are far more jobs available than there are people to fill them.

Development Counsellors International (DCI), the region’s national public relations firm, published a report, “Talent Wars”, which found that the number one reason people move is for a job opportunity and the second reason is quality of life.

To attract talent, employers must have the job and the compelling story of life in the region. But what features are people really looking for in their new home?

A recent report published on by Parkview Health highlighted the top three assets job candidates are looking for in a community: affordable housing, a variety of housing options and a diversity of things to do.

To help attract new talent to the region and meet the needs of regional employers, the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership recently published the Northeast Indiana Lookbook, a 20-page booklet showcasing the quality of life in the 11-county region.

The region has a compelling story to tell. A story of opportunity, exploration, doers, makers, neighbors, lake days, farm-to-fork food, spectacular sports, outdoor adventures, arts and culture.

As businesses must focus on telling their own stories to attract talent, this new material complements those efforts by telling the story about quality of life in the region, which is a new benefit for employers.

Jeff Rice is the manager of talent acquisition and student services at Parkview Health. Rice explained, as the region’s largest employer, Parkview Health recruits thousands of new co-workers every year, with a growing number coming from outside of Northeast Indiana.

“As recruiters, it has become just as important to share information about the region with our candidates as it is to share information about Parkview, so the Northeast Indiana Lookbook is incredibly helpful,” said Rice. “This tool allows us to give candidates an authentic glimpse of Northeast Indiana’s culture, which is an essential component of their decision to relocate.”

So, we know we have the jobs to attract talent, and we must continue to tell the story of the region to attract people to the community.

How can employers add this new marketing piece to their arsenal of resources?

The Regional Partnership team offers three ways regional employers can market the region while recruiting talent.

1. Add to your recruitment toolkit

Each employer has their own process for recruitment and one critical step is communicating with prospective talent. Whether it’s mailing talent printed materials or sharing content in an email, regional employers are encouraged to mail and link to the Northeast Indiana Lookbook. The 20-page booklet can be added to existing printed materials and the Regional Partnership is sharing free copies while supplies last!

2. Add the link to your website

Do you have a section of your website that explains why Northeast Indiana is a great place to live? For employers that can customize their content on their career page, simply adding a link to the Northeast Indiana Lookbook can set your company apart when attracting talent from outside the region.  

3. Share with talent inside the region

Often times, the humble nature of Hoosiers can keep us from raving about why we love our community. As our community continues to build momentum, it's essential for those in the region to be proud of their community. Sharing this piece of marketing material can often give those living in the region the opportunity to be inspired and reflect positively on their home and why they’re proud to live and work in Northeast Indiana. When the pride is deeply-instilled in others, our pride radiates to those around us and can even attract friends or family living outside the region.

As each story changes, so will the Lookbook. This is only "volume one" of this marketing piece, and the team has plans to develop updated brochures in the future including winter and fall imagery.

If you’re a regional employer looking to add the Northeast Indiana Lookbook to your recruitment toolkit, please reach out to Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Communications Kate Virag to get your free printed copy today.

We published the Northeast Indiana Lookbook, a 20-page booklet showcasing the quality of life in the 11-county region through authentic Instagram photos.

Take a look online and add this marketing material to your recruitment efforts!

View the Lookbook
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