3 Ways Northeast Indiana is Driving Economic Growth

By: Chad Ruston on January 31st, 2018

Regional Partnership Business Development Team Lays Out 2018 Goals

To effectively drive economic growth in Northeast Indiana, the Regional Partnership Business Development Team is focused on three areas in 2018.

1. Business Attraction

  • Issue Projects to our Local Economic Development Organizations (LEDOS) with average wage per employee above the 2016 Northeast Indiana average.

2. Business Development Process

  • Enhance the Business Development Process the team uses to drive effectiveness and efficiency.

3. Product & Business Climate

  • Work with local community leaders to improve the selling proposition globally.

Within these three focus areas, goals have been set and all Business Development team-led activities will support the achievement of these goals. Below is a snapshot of key goals within each focus area.

1. Business Attraction 

  • Issue 25 projects to our LEDOs
  • Create 75 new leads

2. Business Development Process 

  • Benchmark four Regional Business Development Organizations within U.S.
  • Identify and implement a Customer Relationship Management platform to support business development
  • Enhance marketing materials used to effectively sell the region

3. Product & Business Climate 

  • Establish Brand Ambassadors to help market and sell Northeast Indiana
  • Improve the inventory of sites to attract new business

The team is off to a solid start. Two projects have already been issued, plans have been established to improve the Business Development process, and the team has determined how to more effectively utilize leaders within the community to enhance the product and business climate we sell.

The future of the Regional Partnership Business Development Team looks bright. Under the new Vision 2030 framework, the team will continue to lead an entire region of ambassadors to prove to the world why Northeast Indiana is the best place to live and work. 

To learn more about Northeast Indiana’s business development efforts, please visit the website or contact Vice President of Business Development Chad Ruston.

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