A Focus on Utilities in Northeast Indiana

March 3rd, 2021

5 Utility Benefits of Doing Business in Northeast Indiana

There are many factors that impact whether a business chooses to relocate to another area, and utilities are key factors in this critical decision-making process.

Luckily, Northeast Indiana boasts five unique differentiators regarding utilities including: 

  • Low cost of utilities
  • Customer service
  • Safety and reliability
  • Community engagement
  • Increased environmental focus

For example, decision-makers benefit from the fact Indiana markets the state’s whole rate, unlike other states, so there are also no hidden costs or fees regarding understanding and accessing utility rates in Northeast Indiana.

Natural gas is a large asset to the region, proving to be more economical for businesses which makes it an important energy source for businesses. Northeast Indiana’s natural gas availability is a benefit to business decision-makers, too, due to its affordable cost and accessibility.

The availability of electricity, natural gas, water and broadband is critical to business attraction and retention in Northeast Indiana,” said Dana Berkes, public affairs manager at NIPSCO. “Utilities provide necessary infrastructure for residential, commercial and industrial customers and encourage new customer growth and business expansion by offering reduced costs and credits for any new or upgraded utility connections. Additionally, utilities offer economic development rates if new customers meet certain requirements, providing a competitive advantage for new business attraction to Indiana.”

Utility providers also incentivize businesses to relocate to Northeast Indiana by offering energy-efficient programs or equipment incentives.

These incentives are unique to Northeast Indiana and demonstrate the commitment of regional utility partners to not only provide a low cost of doing business but also advocate for businesses to create an environmentally-focused and sustainable community. 

Indiana is known for its Hoosier hospitality, and this culture is true for utility providers as well. Utility partners are essential for businesses to begin operations. Access to water, sewer, broadband and electricity are necessities for opening a business. An expansion made by SDI La Farga COPPERWORKS in New Haven, Ind., is a recent success story.

“NIPSCO provided natural gas infrastructure upgrades to serve an added load request,” said Berkes. “The natural gas capacity was critical to the 2019-20 industrial investment in New Haven. NIPSCO was able to expedite efforts to assist in meeting SDI La Farga’s needed timelines to meet their customer’s product commitments.”

Safety and reliability are top priorities for utility partners in Northeast Indiana, as well as investing in the region’s growth. Several utility partners engage in charitable giving and volunteering, enhancing the quality of life in the region through sponsorship of projects including NIPSO’s investment in Make It Your Own Mural Fest.

Thanks to the collaboration, leadership and ingenuity of Northeast Indiana’s utility partners, businesses looking to relocate to Northeast Indiana benefit from a low cost of utilities, customer service, safety and reliability, community engagement and an increased environmental focus.

To learn more about utilities in Northeast Indiana, please explore the mapping tool below or visit our Utilities page here.

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