Q&A with AgriNovus President and CEO Mitch Frazier

July 1st, 2021


Food and Agriculture Industry Thrives in Northeast Indiana

Northeast Indiana’s rapidly growing concentration of food and agriculture businesses represents nearly the entire food-delivery chain, giving companies located here—and those looking to move here—marked advantages. The industry is diverse and well-supported by an abundance of cost-effective, readily available natural resources. Food and agriculture manufacturers in Indiana have access to more than 80% of the U.S. population within a 24-hour drive time. 

Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership and AgriNovus work collaboratively to sell the strengths of Northeast Indiana's Food & Agriculture industry. We connected with AgriNovus President and CEO Mitch Frazier to discuss the agbioscience industry and its strength in Indiana and our region.

1. Tell me about AgriNovus including how it began and an example of a recent successful initiative/project?

AgriNovus Indiana was founded six years ago to connect and convene leaders across the agbioscience industry to attract the people, companies and innovation needed to advance the state’s agbioscience economy.  Created as part of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership – a non-profit consortium of industry initiatives including Ascend, BioCrossroads, Conexus, ESN and TechPoint, AgriNovus emerged as the industry’s leading economic development initiative, executing a bold growth framework to marshal resources to add $4 billion of revenue to the state’s agbioscience economy by the end of 2024. The non-profit is well on its way to achieving its goal. In December 2020, AgriNovus welcomed three agbioscience headquarters economic development announcements, including the historic decision by Elanco to site its consolidated global headquarters in Indianapolis and Israel-based agtech pioneer Taranis relocating its global headquarters from Tel Aviv to Westfield.

2. Why is Indiana uniquely positioned to be a national leader in agbioscience?

Indiana agbioscience companies generated more than $52 billion in revenue in 2018 – approximately $13 billion in production ag and $39 billion across four key innovation platforms:

1. Value-added food and nutrition

2. Animal health and nutrition

3. Crop protection and plant science

4. AgTech

This portfolio, coupled with Indiana’s strength in production ag, positions the state well to be a location of choice for agbioscience innovation. Further, the state’s strengths in logistics, manufacturing and technology provide companies additional strength and capabilities that further make Indiana an ideal location. 

3. What makes Northeast Indiana specifically unique in the agbioscience and food & ag industries?

Northeast Indiana’s strength in production agriculture, food production and advanced manufacturing are attractive strengths for agbioscience companies. As the world emerges from the global pandemic, companies are seeking to create resiliency in supply chains and get closer to customers and suppliers. The region’s proven strength in advanced manufacturing and food manufacturing position it well to compete for opportunities, and strengths in production agriculture and transportation routes create opportunities for more resiliency in supply chains.

4. What do site consultants need to know about doing business in Northeast Indiana?

Consultants need to know Indiana’s agbioscience economy is diverse, growing and well-positioned to provide their clients with a platform for growth, innovation and acceleration. With organizations like the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership and AgriNovus working together, Indiana is able to provide the regional and industry connectivity companies need to move quickly and harness the power of the state’s strengths to fuel growth.  

5. Why is working with local and regional economic developers important for your organization and the agbioscience industry in the state?

AgriNovus’ bold vision to attract $4 billion of growth to the state’s agbioscience economy by the end of 2024 is a team effort. Together, working with state, regional and local economic development leaders, we can achieve our goal and continue to fuel growth in this incredibly important sector of the economy.


AgriNovus Indiana promotes and accelerates the growth of the agbioscience community. 

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