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August 29th, 2020

Cyclone Social

Get to Know Andrew Lamping of Cyclone Social

Northeast Indiana boasts many opportunities for its residents. Whether you want to build a family, attend a four-year university, create art or start a company, it allows for all different walks of life to Make It Your Own in Northeast Indiana.

Andrew Lamping, the founder of Cyclone Social, is sharing his story of what it's like to live and work in the region. 

Why did you choose to locate your company in Northeast Indiana?

When I moved back to Fort Wayne after college, my goal was to move away as quickly as possible! I never thought I’d live in my hometown. However, as I started building Cyclone Social I realized how many amazing resources there were in our community. I realized how accessible the leaders were in Fort Wayne, and I saw the company grow quickly. 

As we grew, we also started to realize how extremely accessible Fort Wayne was as a market. In a 3-hour drive, we could be in downtown Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, and so many other cities in between. This allows us a huge opportunity for growth over the long-term. 

What does being named to the Inc. list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in America mean to you?

It’s humbling. I’m so proud of this company and our employees. When I started Cyclone Social in 2012, I started with $0 of funding. I never took any sort of investment, I didn’t inherit or buy a book of business, I never took a dime of debt to finance the company, and that is what makes me so proud of our growth – it’s all organic. We have put a ton of work into this business. Our entire team works hard day-in and day-out for our clients and for our company. I’m so excited to see the recognition on a national-level for Cyclone Social, but I also know that this is just the beginning. 

Share one story that demonstrates why you think Northeast Indiana is a special place to live and work.

I think you realize it a lot more when someone from outside the community brings perspective to you. I had a friend visiting from Florida and he was going to come down to the office with me and spend the day with Cyclone Social. We headed downtown and stopped at maybe one red light (I like way out Southwest and work downtown). He was blown away that my commute was only 15 minutes to work. That same commute would have been 45-50 minutes where he lived. Then we headed out for lunch. I threw out all the options for him and again, was blown away by the number of great restaurants in the area. We started talking about industries and the companies headquartered here. He said “wait, they’re in Fort Wayne?” more times than not. Sometimes you don’t realize how many great things are in Fort Wayne until you take a minute to look at it from afar.  

What does “Make It Your Own” mean to you?

To me, that means we all have the ability to shape our region. We are not handcuffed or reliant on certain rules or criteria. I think a great example of this is founding a social media marketing agency in Fort Wayne. I had people tell me I was crazy because Fort Wayne was not the market for this type of business. I’m glad I didn’t listen to them – we’ve built something here that we can be extremely proud of and have been able to use the resources this region provides to “make it our own”. 

What is your favorite weekend activity here in the region?

My wife and I love to try new restaurants and you don’t realize how many amazing restaurants there are in this region until you start diving into it. Sometimes we head to a brewery, sometimes a winery, sometimes a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, and other times fine dining. We really do love the options! On top of that, we have 3 dogs (because we are crazy) so we do enjoy the Aboite trails and all of the parks in our region! 

What do you love most about your job, industry or company?

I LOVE the people! When you work in marketing, you get to experience so many different businesses and business people. I’ve learned so much about so many random industries. Cyclone Social has served hundreds of different clients in different industries, so every time it’s a learning experience. On top of that, we get to meet the people behind the brands. You really do meet some fascinating people in the world of business! 

Also, I love my staff. They are all rock stars. It’s great getting to know them on a personal level, get out for staff outings, and also meet their families. 

How have you gotten involved in the community (voluntarism, hobbies, etc.)?

I have served on multiple boards of directors for local non-profits. Currently, I’m on the board at Artlink and love it! If you haven’t checked out Artlink recently, you should! I got involved because I think the arts community is insanely talented in this market, yet still overlooked and under-appreciated by the rest of the country. 

What’s one amenity you think can be found only in Northeast Indiana?

Our neighbor, Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island! This is the oldest (probably) coney stand in America! You can’t beat it. On top of that, you’re not going to find the same accessibility, affordability, and willingness/kindness of business leaders anywhere else. Maybe I’m biased, but I do love the way the business community supports one another. 

What are three words to describe you? 

Faith, Family, and Friends. These are my people! I love God and know that all of my successes and failures come from his will. I do everything for my family and friends. I know the best way we can live our best lives is to do so with these people – so I built my company for that. Yes, friends and family include our Cyclone Social family, our clients, our partners, our staff, etc.

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