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Benefits of Fort Wayne International Airport’s Direct Flight to Newark

December 12th, 2017

Community Member Shares Experience using Newark Flight from FWA

Often, the Regional Partnership team receives thoughtful letters from leaders in the community motivated to share a story about the benefits of living and working in Northeast Indiana.

This month, Emily E. Pichon reached out to John Sampson to share this encouraging note about Fort Wayne International Airport’s (FWA) direct flight to Newark Airport (EWR).

Letter from Emily E. Pichon:

Dear John,

Last week, I took the United flight to Newark. It was an excellent experience that I wanted to share with you because I understand from Mac Parker there is some concern about continued service.

Normally, I fly to LaGuardia because it is an airport I know, but I had heard good things about the Newark flight from friends. When I booked the flight, may care was $200. This was less than I paid for our Broadway tickets to “Hello Dolly.” The flight arrived ahead of schedule.

Once on the ground, Newark Airport had good signage directing passengers to baggage and ground transportation. Online, I had learned about the train into the city. The train ticket was less than the cost of a taxi from LaGuardia. The railway had people to help direct passengers to the correct ticket and track. The staff was friendly and helpful. The train was fast; no traffic is a great thing. I ended up at my hotel by 8:30 a.m. When booking my flight, I was concerned about getting into the City, but the train was much superior to a taxi out of LaGuardia.

I really hope that United keeps our service to Newark. I plan to use it in the future for some quick trips to the City. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help keep the Newark flight.


Emily E. Pichon

If you’re considering a business or personal trip to the East Coast, use FWA’s direct flight to Newark to save you time and money. Book your flight today.

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