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Business Development 2018 Mid-Year Progress Report

By: Chad Ruston on July 9th, 2018

So How Are We Performing Halfway through The Year?

We are halfway through the year, and we continue to focus on three key areas within Business Development:

  1. Projects
  2. Process
  3. Product


As we began 2018, we set the aggressive goal of issuing 25 projects by the end of the year. We are lagging behind our midway point goal of 12 projects, but we are confident we can hit our target of 25 projects as we have extensive travel scheduled for the rest of the year. Due to the economic situations in Illinois and California and our manufacturing focus, the team will spend much time in these two states in the coming months.


We have made substantial progress on improving our business development process. In 2018, we are working to enhance our targeting process, implement an improved customer relationship management (CRM) platform, refine our consultative selling approach and better focus our data analysis activities. This work will result in greater efficiency and effectiveness as we work to reach our goals of increased prosperity for the residents of Northeast Indiana.


Although we have much to accomplish to improve the product we offer our customers, we have done some great work in evaluating what we have and what we need. Business leaders Ashley Savieo with AEP and Rob Young with The Hagerman Group are thanked for their leadership driving these efforts. In the first half of 2018, we have taken an inventory on what we have to offer potential clients and also established solid recommendations regarding what we can do to make Northeast Indiana even more competitive.

It has been an exciting year within business development, and we are confident the rest of the year will be even better. We are focused, and we know what needs to be done to continue down the Road to One Million. We have adopted the mantra of “Generate. Accelerate. Dominate.” You have our word we are committed to doing what it takes to achieve our Vision 2030 goals.