Celebrating the Impact of Interns 

March 28th, 2019

IndianaINTERN.net Celebrates Interns Statewide

It was only a year ago when the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership hired three interns, yet the impact of their hard work is still influencing Northeast Indiana's economic development work.

Jakob Coker served as the regional initiatives intern, Sam Dvork worked with business development team and Katie Doehrmann assisted the marketing team. All three were such stellar candidates that they were all nominated and celebrated at the annual Impact Awards.

On February 26, we traveled to Indianapolis to celebrate internship excellence statewide. We may not have won an award but our nominees deserve to be celebrated.

The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership nominated 3 interns Jakob Coker, Katie Doehrmann and Samuel Dvork for College Intern of the Year. Additionally, Sonya Snellenberger-Holm was nominated for Intern Supervisor of the Year.

We believe one of the most important aspects of internships is developing lasting relationships to foster personal and professional growth. Our interns had a great support team to help them through the projects and their professional development.

  • Jake Coker, a junior at University of Saint Frances, is currently an intern at Whittle Strategic Accounting. Jake’s support team included manager Sonya Snellenberger-Holm, mentor Rachael Driscoll and CliftonStrengths coach Amy Hesting.
  • Katie Doehrmann, graduating from Manchester University May, is currently a digital copywriter at Asher Agency. Katie’s support team included manager Jaclyn Goldsborough, mentor Elisia Dupre and CliftonStrengths coach Sonya Snellenberger-Holm.
  • Sam Dvork is a sophomore at University of Pennsylvania. Sam’s support team included manager Sarah Rodriguez, mentor Deb Agler and CliftonStrengths coach Amy Hesting.

Sonya Snellenberger-Holm is a Project Manager and has been with the Regional Partnership since 2014. Sonya is a certified CliftonStrengths coach and works with the interns to transform their innate talents and develop them into strengths. Sonya leads the Northeast Indiana Regional Internship Program for Regional Employers. She helps regional employers plan and prepare a high-quality intern program.

The Regional Partnership team would like to thank Jake, Katie and Sam for spending their summer with us and making a lasting impact on the organization!

For more information on the Northeast Indiana Regional Internship Program for Regional Employers, visit the website or contact Sonya.