Clarin Florentyna Journeys to Northeast Indiana for Her Summer Internship

September 3rd, 2017

Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership Field Trip Attracts New Talent 

During this adventure as the Regional Initiatives Intern at the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people at various companies around the region. One person I had the pleasure of speaking with was the famous Parker Beauchamp, CEO of INGUARD in Wabash. Before meeting, I heard the stories about him scaling walls of buildings in downtown Wabash and his infectious, enthusiastic personality. While chatting with Beauchamp was a pleasure, someone else stole the show, his intern Clarin Florentyna.

Florentyna is a senior at Illinois University at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Before her time at UIUC, she studied in Seattle, and grew up in Indonesia. This summer she made the difficult choice of staying in the United States to intern instead of going back home to Jakarta to be with her family. This decision was sparked by a field trip from Champaign, Ill. to Fort Wayne organized by the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership.

In the fall of 2017, members of the UIUC’s Actuarial Science Club were invited to spend two days in Fort Wayne to learn more about job opportunities in the region’s specialty insurance industry. Clarin had gone to several other similar events in Chicago but was impressed by how forthcoming and prepared the represented companies were in Northeast Indiana.

After the field trip, she took the contact information of every insurance company who participated in the field trip and reached out to all of them hoping to hear back about an internship.

“Parker was the only one to respond and give me an offer. It was pretty cool,” Florentyna said.

Clarin Florentyna interns at INGUARD for the summer

INGUARD offers Intern, Clarin Florentyna, a Strong Support System 

Now, months later, Florentyna is interning for INGUARD where she knows no one, does not have a car, and did not even have a place to stay until a couple of weeks before her internship started. Not to mention, she is literally thousands of miles away from her family in Indonesia.

Though Florentyna had to make the decision and take the initiative on her own, she has had some great people along the way make her feel a little more at home. Her coworkers all offer to take her to Wal-Mart so she can buy necessities, they take her to lunch so she does not have to eat alone and they invite her to spend time with their families so she has people to spend the weekends with.

When Parker’s father, Mike Beauchamp, took her to a Little League baseball game she was surprised that “little kids’ baseball was so big,” and that the whole family came to watch the kids play.

In Jakarta, having a housemaid to watch the kids and clean the house, or having a driver to take you places is common, so it is traditionally their job to take the children to activities in the community instead of the whole family. She is not used to how much time families spend together doing activities.

That sense of community and the support of her work family is a huge part of what has made Florentyna’s internship so successful.

We hope to see more of Florentyna in the future, along with more success stories of different interns who come to visit our region because of the wealth of opportunities Northeast Indiana offers. If we as a region are going to make it on the Road to One Million, developing up our community and bringing in new talent is what is going to get us there. More jobs and a cool riverfront project will get the people here, but that sense of togetherness and community is what will make them stay.


- By Jakob Coker, 2018 Regional Intiatives Intern