CNN Business Features Sweetwater Sound

June 3rd, 2019

Through national public relations firm Development Counsellors International (DCI), the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership recently worked with reporter Parija Kavilanz from CNN Business to secure an article on Sweetwater Sound and Chuck Surack titled, “40 years ago, he built a recording studio in a VW bus. Today, he runs a $725 million music empire.”
The profile highlights Sweetwater’s entrepreneurial beginnings in Fort Wayne, the company’s growth and Chuck’s commitment to the community. The article includes quotes from Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry and Sweetwater Chief Operating Officer John Hopkins and also features several photos from Sweetwater’s 400,000-square-foot campus, including the distribution center, the VW bus replica and the slide.
The article emphasizes Sweetwater’s success and growth trajectory:

“Surack said his company is profitable and growing sales by 20% to 25% a year. With annual sales now of $725 million for the music business alone, he's confident that the $1 billion revenue mark is within reach.
"I never dreamed I would have a business in this position," said Surack. "I'm not driven by greed or desire to make money. I'm driven by doing the right thing."”

CNN Business, formerly known as CNNMoney, is a financial news and information website operated by CNN. It provides 24-hour business and financial news and information services and covers trends and developments in the world of business and finance. This article in CNN Business provides 25 million impressions.

A huge thank you to Chuck Surack, John Hopkins, Heather Herron and the Sweetwater team as well as Mayor Tom Henry for their partnership on this piece.