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Discovering Strengths within the Regional Partnership Team

By: Amy Hesting on January 4th, 2019

CliftonStrengths Allows Team to Use Talents Effectively

I’ve been strengths coaching people using CliftonStrengths for four years. I lead with a lot of Relationship Building themes, one of which is Individualization. People with high Individualization innately see the beauty and unique qualities of each individual around them. It’s effortless for me and I always see the good before I see any negative.  

You don’t have to have high Individualization to see the best in other people. CliftonStrengths can give you a hand with that. CliftonStrengths is an assessment that identifies a person’s innate talents. It shines a light on the things about us that give us the opportunity to live our best, happiest lives while bringing value to other people.

Gallup says that people who know and use their strengths are six times more likely to be engaged at work and 7.8 percent more productive in their role there than those who don’t. And we all know how important high, healthy engagement levels in the workplace are. It’s something we take seriously here at the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership and are always working to improve. We use CliftonStrengths to help us with that.

With that in mind, I want to tell you about our close-knit group of very unique and special co-workers that I am honored to be able to call my friends. I’d like to tell you what I see in them, in the context of their strengths.

Ashley (Strategic, Learner, Responsibility, Relator, Futuristic) is a dependable, strategic thinker. She’s really good at developing processes and then executing the steps in them. If she says she’ll do something, she’ll absolutely, quickly and thoroughly do it. This is important as she manages the engagement of our stakeholders. She’s also sweet and kind with a big, hearty laugh and tiny little sneezes.

Chad (Communication, Activator, Strategic, Discipline, Responsibility) is strategic and process driven. He’s the reason we have a strategic execution plan that we’re working hard to refine and execute. He’s good at engaging, developing and challenging his team to be even better than where they’re at now. He loves to go around the office and fist bump everybody, which initially annoyed me but now I find endearing.

Deb (Achiever, Learner, Input, Belief, Responsibility) is kind and accepting of everybody. She is an empathetic person who holds space for people where they are and is someone you can talk to without worrying about feeling judged. She loves to ask questions, learn and collect all sorts of new information. She’s a perfectionist with her grant writing in order to secure funding for the work we do and she seems to know everybody in the region!

Elisia (Input, Learner, Includer, Positivity, Achiever) is a positive, people person, which is a good thing because she’s the first person people see when they walk through our door! She has a happy presence and a kind, expressive face. She loves to learn and challenge herself, especially on emerging, infectious diseases! She is funny and likes to laugh.

Erin (Strategic, Activator, Ideation, Relator, Command) is strong and has a commanding presence about her. She’s funny, whip-smart and to the point. She asks good, tough questions to guide us financially in a responsible manner. You know where you stand with Erin and her ringing laugh is a joy to hear!

Hannah (Futuristic, Communication, Woo, Positivity, Activator) is knowledgeable and impatient to get things moving. She doesn’t like to talk about things forever and would rather just get started. She knows her stuff and has done the research to ensure she’s fully developed her most informed opinions. She’s really good talking to people she doesn’t know and building relationships that open the door to future business development opportunities for our region. She’s also hilarious and fun to talk to.

Jaclyn (Communication, Activator, Responsibility, Restorative, Individualization) is a great communicator. She’s really good at taking what you’re trying to say and helping you put it on paper or into words. This has been very beneficial for her in her role here at the Regional Partnership and when she worked as a journalist. She likes to move and get things going right away and is not a procrastinator. She also has a lot of positive energy and an infectious laugh that rub off on the people around her.

Kate (Individualization, Maximizer, Positivity, Woo, Arranger) puts people at ease when you’re with her. She cares about people and is one of the first to ask about your weekend or family. She is always looking to develop the strengths of the people around her and challenges herself and others to get the best outcomes possible. She’s got a sneaky, low-key sense of humor that you need to pay attention to in order to catch, which is awesome.

Michael (Learner, Responsibility, Context, Intellection, Achiever) knows his “stuff.” He’s a relatively quiet guy but there’s a ton of strategy, information and knowledge moving around in his head at all times. He’s good at taking that information and creating strategies and plans with it. He’s got a wicked sense of humor and is a master French horn player.

Nick (Analytical, Maximizer, Learner, Belief, Responsibility) is very analytical. He likes to learn about, analyze and understand everything we’re working on. That’s critical to his work of informing people about & helping them see value in what we do at the Partnership. He asks a lot of questions, is a good conversationalist and is an easy person to talk to. He’s funny and is a great storyteller.

Rachael (Individualization, Responsibility, Learner, Achiever, Connectedness) is a perfectionist. She’s a graphic design whiz who will work tirelessly to ensure that what we put out to the world is top notch. She always finds ways to make our work better and more beautiful. She’s also got a sweet, smile and a lovely laugh.

Ryan (Strategic, Individualization, Woo, Input, Ideation) is a strategic thinker. He likes to think creatively and can easily see patterns in topics that others might miss. He’s responsible for the shift to Vision 2030 and helping us all through that transition. He’s fun and has a positive outlook on almost everything. He’s also really at ease in social situations, which makes him very valuable to those of us who aren’t!

Sarah (Belief, Communication, Positivity, Achiever, Developer) is a people person. She easily builds meaningful relationships with the people around her. She builds and maintains relationships with the people she works with, which is important in her role in business development. She’s funny, kind and easy to talk to.

Sonya (Achiever, Input, Learner, Focus, Restorative) is an executor (not the killing-kind). She sets high expectations for herself and her work, likes to be productive and pushes others to be as well. Her work with the Regional Internship Program for Employers benefits from this as that group is getting a lot done. She’s very curious about everything, including people and she’s so good at making you feel seen and understood, making her an excellent strengths coach!

Stephanie (Relator, Restorative, Responsibility, Learner, Achiever) is a problem solver. She works well under pressure and is not intimidated by the need to put out fires (thankfully not literal fires) that pop up around the office. She’s funny, self-deprecating and can whistle like she was born in a fairy tale.

Vanessa (Achiever, Discipline, Responsibility, Input, Belief) is a doer. She is accountable to those around her and she gets things done. She doesn’t like to be bored and is always looking for her next project. She has a tremendous memory and describes her brain as a filing cabinet. If you need something from her, she is happy to pull that information quickly out of her memory bank for you, which is VERY valuable, especially to those of us with poor memories! She’s also very creative, disciplined, sweet and caring.

And last but not least, I’ll end with John (Responsibility, Relator, Connectedness, Learner, Belief), who has a lot of Relationship Building and Executing themes. He’s a really good guy who genuinely cares about people and wants to do his best by them. He built the Regional Partnership on a foundation of mutual and very real trust and a belief that we are better together than we are apart.

So, I hope I’ve given you a good picture of who we are at the Regional Partnership and in my eyes, what makes each of us special. And I hope you think about how your own teams, families and friends are unique and wonderful. And then, if you haven’t already done it, I hope you tell them!

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