Regional Partnership Welcomes New Investor

September 30th, 2021

Don Wood Foundation Joins Regional Partnership as Investor

The Don Wood Foundation is a private foundation located in Northeast Indiana that was established in 2018 by founder, Don Wood. Mr. Wood felt strongly about supporting manufacturing, the trades and entrepreneurship, as such, the foundation has been hard at work to create strategic funding partnerships with those nonprofit entities in the region that focus on education, training and workforce development in these key areas. The foundation's Board of Trustees elected to participate in the Regional Opportunities Council (ROC), the investor body of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, because they believe the ROC is uniquely positioned to convene regional leadership and create solutions for complicated challenges facing our respective communities. "We look forward to having a voice at the table to bring our foundation’s resources to related community needs," said Laura Macknick, executive director of the Don Wood Foundation.

Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana are led by ambitious people marked by ingenuity and positivity—now that’s a community worth investing in.

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