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January 31st, 2018

Meet ELA Member Victoria Sarjeant

Today's young professionals are risk takers, innovators, doers, and creators. These young leaders are influencing the progress of Northeast Indiana.

The Emerging Leaders Alliance (ELA) is a network of young professionals committed to developing a community of future leaders and together creating opportunities for action, growth, and regional pride.

Meet ELA member Victoria Sarjeant. Victoria received her degree in Political Science from IPFW in 2013. In her time working at IPFW, she has worked for Academic Affairs and the Chancellor's office. Sarjeant is also the vice chair of Living Fort Wayne Committee, a member of YLNI, a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters and runs her own business in her free time. 

Q&A with Victoria Sarjeant. 

What inspired you to join Living Fort Wayne?

I joined Living Fort Wayne because it was similar to what I was already doing in my personal life. I already owned a personal blog called I’m Not Wining, and I was covering community events and stories. I also thought it would be a great opportunity to go out and meet other IPFW alumni and seek out stories that I just wasn’t seeing while I was sitting behind a desk. I was also coming off of a major confidence boost when I was used as a contributor for an article in the Huffington Post.

What does your position with Living Fort Wayne look like?

I consider my time with Living Fort Wayne to be a whirlwind. I am currently the Vice Chair. I started this summer with my first feature article. I chose do my article on the Build Guild (Guild of Allusion) because I love doing crafts. A month or so later, the Living Fort Wayne team asked if I would be interested in being Vice Chair. I have a great deal of experience in running groups so it sounded great to use this as my real intro to YLNI. I have been a member before, but I was always too shy to go to the Hot Spots by myself. As Vice chair, I get to work with the editorial team and the leadership team. I help the editorial team find topics they want to cover, check in with them, remind them about deadlines and I help recruit new members.

In what direction do you see this publication heading? How does that affect Northeast Indiana?

I think this publication has a bright future. More businesses and schools are learning about the benefits we offer. For example, I work on all of the social media for my office. Living Fort Wayne has 7 times the following on some social media platforms. That is insane! If local businesses and schools plug into that audience, they will hit a new audience, especially an audience of millennials that are always looking for interesting alternatives and new things to try. I come from Central Indiana and it’s much different than life in Northeast Indiana. I feel like online publications like Living Fort Wayne, groups like YLNI and the ELA, and other community centered things help set us apart and help grow the region. If someone asked me what is going on in various counties this weekend, I could find it in less than a minute.

How has community involvement in groups like the ELA and Living Fort Wayne enriched your quality of life?

If I wasn’t for my involvement and engagement in groups like ELA and Living Fort Wayne, I can’t guarantee I would have stayed here in Northeast Indiana. I was ready to progress in my career, pack up and move out east, but ELA and LFW gave me a reason to stay. They made me take a second look at what life and work has to offer me in the region. I chose to stay in Northeast Indiana. Today, I own my own business in addition to working my day job. I get to network with other community leaders my age. I made the right choice when I moved to Fort Wayne for college and then work.

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