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Emerging Leaders Alliance Supports Electric Works

April 19th, 2018

Transformational Project Could Impact Talent Attraction, Retention Goals

As a group of young leaders in Northeast Indiana focused on regional economic development, the Emerging Leaders Alliance (ELA) took action to formally support Electric Works West.

At their most recent meeting, the group of young leaders voted in favor of the following resolution:

Whereas, RTM Ventures LLC has proposed a significant investment in the former General Electric (GE) west campus, now known as Electric Works West,

Whereas, the proposal is to redevelop Electric Works West into a mixed-use office, technology, retail and residential community, to include the 39 acres and 691,478 SF of historic, adaptive reuse of the GE facility,

Whereas, the economic impact analysis projects significant direct and indirect job creation as well the resulting economic benefits and positive tax implications throughout the local community, region and Indiana overall,

Whereas, the Road to One Million plan calls for bold and transformative investment in our region that helps to attract and retain talent,

Whereas, the Electric Works West project is consistent with that objective,

Be it resolved on the 4th day of April, 2018, that the Emerging Leaders Alliance of Northeast Indiana supports Fort Wayne and Allen County and their efforts to further the Road to One Million plan through the Electric Works project, a bold and transformational initiative for Northeast Indiana.

Brad Hartman

President, Emerging Leaders Alliance of Northeast Indiana

Being active participants in Vision 2030, the ELA acknowledges that the Electric Works project aligns with the three goals of this vision for the region:

  • Increase per capita personal income against the national average
  • Increase the population of Northeast Indiana to 1 million residents
  • Increase postsecondary educational attainment to more than 60 percent

Additionally, the development and growth this project will bring to the region is supported by the ELA mission statement to “create opportunities for action, growth and regional pride”.

The ELA discussed how the Electric Works project could create dynamic culture to Northeast Indiana and serve as an attraction not just for Fort Wayne but for the entire 11 county region.

For example, a person who lives in Noble County can have the best of both worlds by enjoying the peace and privacy of living a rural community while experiencing the vibrancy of Electric Works and other downtown Fort Wayne attractions on the weekends.

ELA member Sami Jacobs said, “It’s a really cool project. It’s going to get people talking and build regional pride.”

As a hub for innovation, culture and energy to advance the region’s three Vision 2030 goals, Electric Works is a cutting-edge collaborative project.

ELA President Brad Hartman said this collaborative nature can only benefit our region.

”The likelihood that new companies in the Electric Works campus are going to do business within our region is high,” said Hartman.

The development of Electric Works could also increase in business investment in the region by drawing in new businesses, supporting entrepreneurship and attracting new talent.

The ELA embraces the risk of the Electric Works project and trusts its potential to unleash growth and accelerate progress in the entire region.

- Rachel Stephens, ELA member