Getting Plugged into Northeast Indiana Happenings

June 27th, 2018

Northeast Indiana is ripe with opportunity to meet friendly people and build meaningful relationships. Whether you are new to the region or simply looking to expand your network, northeast Indiana’s welcoming business and social climates makes it easy to create connections. Keep reading for tips from our Emerging Leaders Alliance on how to get plugged in as a young professional.

1. Attend Networking Events

Networking can seem intimidating at first, especially for young individuals. However, you will soon learn that in addition to being approachable and welcoming, folks in northeast Indiana value input from young leaders and are interested in connecting with them.

Looking to meet a diverse group of business and community leaders? First Fridays is a great opportunity to learn about the region and its people.

The YLNI Hot Spot is another chance to meet fellow community focused individuals in a casual environment.

2. Volunteer

Many ELA members volunteer their time and talents to other community non-profits. This is an opportunity to not only give back and make connections, but also to gain valuable experience.  Living Fort Wayne, Middle Waves, Neighborlink, Habitat for Humanity and Downtown Improvement District are just a few places members of the ELA enjoy volunteering.

3. Join a Young Leader Board or Organization 

If you want to take your commitment to the region’s development to the next level, consider joining a board or organization where you can expand your network and have a voice in regional issues.

The Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana (YLNI) is the largest young professionals group in the region. Their mission is “to attract, develop and retain emerging leadersthrough community, professional and social engagement.”

The Emerging Leaders Alliance (ELA) is a smaller board which represents young leaders from around the region and serves as an advisory council to the Regional Partnership. The ELA is “committed to developing a community of future leaders and together creating opportunities for action, growth, and regional pride.”

Individual counties may also offer their own network of young professionals such as the YAP in Kosciusko County or YPN in Noble County.

It is important to note that these opportunities are not mutually exclusive. In fact, several ELA members are involved with one or more additional young professionals groups.

4. Attend Social Events 

Finally, if you are simply looking to hang out and meet new friends there are plenty of options for socializing in northeast Indiana. Festivals, trivia nights and sporting events are all great environments for making new connections. Current Fort Wayne’s calendar of events, Whatzup and Living Fort Wayne are a few resources to help plug you into the social sphere.

-By Rachel Stephens with ELA