Indiana Destination Development Corporation Celebrates 1 Year

August 31st, 2021

Elaine Bedel

Leaders Encouraged to Attend Statewide Meeting

The Indiana Destination Development Corporation celebrated its first anniversary on July 1, 2021. As they enter year two, the IDDC wants to share their accomplishments and a look at where the state is heading with regional partners and stakeholders.

Northeast Indiana leaders are invited to join Elaine Bedel and other IDDC associates at one of the 13 statewide meeting locations to learn about the exciting progress being made and the opportunities available for you to share Indiana’s great story regarding Indiana's quality of place, life, and opportunity.

The IDDC believes that the more partners involved across the state who learn about the accomplishments and future plans, the more successful Indiana will be in attracting and retaining talent, students, business, and visitors.

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Learn more about the Indiana Destination Development Corporation at it's upcoming event.

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