June Highlights from Input Fort Wayne

July 9th, 2018

Top 5 Articles Regional Partnership Team Members Enjoyed This Month

Northeast Indiana has a compelling story to tell, and Input Fort Wayne is sharing the captivating stories happening across the 11-county region.

Input Fort Wayne is a weekly publication that tells authentic stories about bold startups, catalytic talent, emerging places and ideas from across the region. As a community-focused website, the publication features the work of local writers, journalists and photographers showcasing the evolving culture of Northeast Indiana to talented individuals living in the region and potential talent looking to relocate.

Telling Northeast Indiana's positive story to a larger audience is critical to branding and talent attraction efforts. Input Fort Wayne serves as an agile, timely and relevant outlet to accomplish those goals.

The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership is a strong supporter of the regional publication. Each month, we will highlight our staff’s Top 5 Input Fort Wayne articles from the previous month.

Here’s what we picked for our favorite stories this month:

A south side success story

  • Story selected by President and CEO John Sampson
    •  "I like the themes of people fighting for their living and discovering how they can become their own, self-made success stories; inspirational!"

Fort Wayne musician lands role of a lifetime in New Zealand

The economic anomaly of Parkview Field

  • Story selected by Stakeholder Engagement & Experience Manager Ashley Spranger and Director of Administration Vanessa Hurtig
    • “It is encouraging to witness the difference Parkview Field is making for not only our downtown, but for our region 10 years after opening its gates. In addition to offering a great experience for our community, Parkview Field is transforming the way we view our city and has instilled in us the pride we didn’t have before," Ashley said.
    • “This article reminded me of the tough conversations and decisions that all of Northeast Indiana and the City of Fort Wayne wrestled with in deciding to build Parkview Field and The Harrison ten years ago. The tough discussions and passionate arguments were stressful, but ultimately the community and the region aligned behind making it successful. Look at where it is today and how this has inspired so many other developments across downtown Fort Wayne and other communities in the region through the Road to One Million plan.  Parkview Field is a gem for the entire region and beyond to enjoy," Vanessa said. 

This Warsaw-based company is giving the world clean water, one mug at a time

  • Story selected by Communications Manager Jaclyn Goldsborough
    • "MudLOVE is a fantastic company and their work showcases the generous nature of our region and our community. MudLOVE not only makes an impact in our community, but they also impact people around the globe. I'm proud to know a company of such a caliber is in our region."

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(Photos from Input Fort Wayne)

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