Komet Hockey: Northeast Indiana’s Business of Winter

March 28th, 2019

67 Seasons Celebrating Fort Wayne, Connecting Businesses

As a career minor league sports executive, people ask me all the time if what I do really "matters in the grand scheme of things.”

The answer is a simple one that never brings me pause.

Have you taken a moment to fist-bump, high-five or perhaps even hug a co-worker or colleague today? How about a moment to celebrate the anniversary of a fantastic business relationship, to check-in on a key client, or send a quick text, email or IM to a vendor who always goes out of their way to make you look good? Have you celebrated like you would if you just sank a long putt on the final green to seal the match for you and your guest? Have you read a book about a topic of interest or done some professional development? How about some training how to become a better employee, a better supervisor or even a better boss?

Sports matter because they remind us to celebrate, push ourselves and strive to be better than our competition. They remind us to collaborate with those who might not always share our ideas. They remind us to work together and then to embrace the process of accomplishing a goal in conjunction with our "team.”

Sports reminds us that no matter how good we were the last game, a bigger, stronger and faster opponent awaits. Personal connections still matter and sometimes you just need to stand up and cheer.

Whatever business you’re in, it’s important to take some time to inventory where you stand, who is standing with you and where you’re headed next.

Many accomplish this with a round of golf with a client, a drink or cup of coffee with a colleague or perhaps even at a company picnic.

In my younger years (before the realities of children and travel sports), I used to enjoy a round of golf with a client or colleague that I didn’t know as well. The smell of freshly cut grass under a clear sky of always provided eighteen opportunities for a fist-bump, high- five or maybe even a celebration and kinship beyond what an email or quick phone call could ever supply. And who doesn’t love a picnic?

Well, that was fine for Northeast Indiana’s summer months, but business doesn’t break for winter and neither should you. For 67 seasons the Fort Wayne Komets have thrived when the smell of freshly cut grass was replaced by the tinge of road salts and a clear sky only helped tease the promise of an end to the winds carrying the chill of the Midwestern air.

The Komets have provided a weatherproof winter destination for connecting businesses to those who matter to it the most.

Think of the Komets as a chance for shared experiences that make “you and I” become “we.”

Does what I do really matter? Yes, it matters because of the people and relationships I invest in every day.

- By Scott A. Sproat, EVP/CRO/Co-Owner, Summit Sports, Inc.

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