Lookbook Volume 2 Available to Northeast Indiana Employers

February 4th, 2020

Northeast Indiana's Top Recruitment Resources Receives Updated Look

As Northeast Indiana works to increase its per capita personal income, grow its population to 1 million residents, and raise its educational and credential attainment to 60 percent by 2030, the Lookbook tells the region’s authentic story through the eyes of local Instagram users to help employers attract talent.

The Regional Partnership recently published the Lookbook as a tool for regional businesses, organizations, nonprofits, universities, colleges, and other entities to use when recruiting people from outside the region to join their organizations and make the move to Northeast Indiana.

The target audience for the publication is young professionals living outside the region who have no perception of what the local community is really like. The goal of the piece is to create a sense of curiosity among them about the region and help them picture themselves here.


Here are three ways regional employers can market the region while recruiting talent.

1. Add to your recruitment toolkit

Each employer has its own process for recruitment; and one critical step is communicating with prospective talent. Whether it’s mailing talent printed materials or using the Make It Your Own brand resources, regional employers are encouraged to mail and link to the Northeast Indiana Lookbook Vol. 1 and 2. The 20-page booklets can be added to existing printed materials and employers can purchase the Lookbooks by visiting the Make It Your Own store.

2. Add the link to your website

Do you have a section of your website that explains why Northeast Indiana is a great place to live? For employers that can customize content on their career page, simply add a link to the Northeast Indiana Lookbook or Make It Your Own resources to set your company apart when attracting talent from outside the region.  

3. Share with talent inside the region

Often, the humble nature of Hoosiers can keep us from raving about why we love our community. As our region continues to build momentum, it's essential for those in the region to be proud of their community. Sharing this piece of marketing material can often give those living in the region the opportunity to be inspired and reflect positively on their home and why they’re proud to live and work in Northeast Indiana. Our regional pride radiates to those around us and can even attract friends or family living outside the region.

As Northeast Indiana grows and evolves, so will the Lookbook. We published Lookbook Vol. 1 in 2018 and Lookbook Vol. 2 in early 2020. The Regional Partnership team will continue to develop updated marketing resources to enhance the recruitment efforts of Northeast Indiana's regional employers.

If you’re a regional employer looking to add the Northeast Indiana Lookbook to your recruitment toolkit, please reach out to Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Communications Kate Virag to learn more.

Download the Northeast Indiana Lookbook Vol. 2 to enhance your business' talent recruitment efforts and show prospective talent the benefits of living in the Fort Wayne area. 

Download Lookbook
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