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Make It Your Own in Northeast Indiana with Megan Butler

April 6th, 2020

Get to Know Riverfront Champion Megan Butler

Northeast Indiana boasts many opportunities for its residents. Whether you want to build a family, attend a four-year university, create art or start a company, it allows for all different walks of life to Make It Your Own in Northeast Indiana.

Megan Butler is the program and events manager for Riverfront Fort Wayne. She has played a pivotal role in the opening of Promenade Park as well as the "Hello, New Park" three-day event that took place in the summer of 2019.

1. What brought you to the Northeast Indiana region? 

I’m from northeast Indiana originally. I left to attend college in Boston, but am now happily established back here. I feel lucky to call such a dynamic and growing part of our country my home.

2. Why do you think Northeast Indiana is a special place to live and work?

In Fort Wayne, we have an incredible balance of positive, forward-thinking people and a respect for tradition and the past. It gives us stable and sustainable progress. It creates a leadership style here that ensures many people are included in envisioning the future and the decision-making processes we use to get there.  

3. What does “Make It Your Own” mean to you?

Making something your own means taking responsibility for every part of your own vision. That means having the creativity to make the vision, the practical skills to figure out how to bring it to life, the bravery to take responsibility for both failures and successes, and, by far the most important, the stamina and tolerance for adversity encountered on the journey. It’s easy to fall into toxic positivity and say things like “good vibes only,” but the reality is that real change and achievement is messy, difficult and doesn’t always involve good vibes. We all have to have the courage to withstand that but must also possess the courage to act in a way that reflects that all good things will first be rooted in love and compassion for our neighbors.

4. What is your favorite weekend activity here in the region?

I lived on a farm outside of Avilla growing up and will still drop everything to be outdoors, especially hiking. Nature restores me, particularly when I get to experience it with my sons. We practice animal tracking, foraging, and orienteering. If the weather isn’t great, I read and study.

5. What do you love most about your job, industry or company?

I love watching people’s eyes, minds, and hearts be opened by their experiences in Promenade Park. We put a lot of thought into creating experiences that go beyond fun but are actually perspective-changing. The best way to learn is by doing, and at Riverfront we want you to do. Do explore, do question, do smile, do say hi, do dance, do create, do talk to strangers.

6. How are you involved in the community?

I’m on the boards of directors for both Artlink and Friends of the Rivers and serve on several committees on those boards. I’m also on the advisory board for the College of Arts and Sciences at PFW, the advisory committee for the Communications department at Indiana Tech, and the curriculum coordinating committee for high ability students for Fort Wayne Community Schools.

7. What’s one thing/amenity you think can be found only in Northeast Indiana?

We have a beautiful mix of urban culture, rural culture, and natural environments. You can enjoy a huge range of human experience with fewer barriers than in larger cities or more rural areas. If you’re someone who loves to explore, this is the place for you.

8. What are three words to describe you?

Hard-working, honest and intellectual.

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