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Celebrating Manufacturing Day in Northeast Indiana

October 29th, 2019

Showcasing Career Paths in Manufacturing

It’s high-tech. It pays well. And there are thousands of opportunities in Indiana to work in this industry. What industry am I describing? If you are like most Hoosiers, you probably aren’t thinking it’s manufacturing.

The reality, though, is that the manufacturing industry employs half a million Hoosiers, supplies a third of our state’s GDP and pays workers an average $75,000 annually, which is more than the average worker with a bachelor’s degree.

The industry is high-tech, adopting some of the most innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, virtual reality and data analytics, and it offers noble and meaningful career opportunities to make products people need and that are used around the world.

In Northeast Indiana, we attract businesses to the region to enhance the state’s largest industry sector. We also encourage residents – especially young adults who are thinking about future careers and those who influence their decisions, such as educators and parents – to know the importance of manufacturing in our community.

We’re confident that once people have a better understanding of manufacturing, they will be more likely to value this exciting industry and consider a career in it.

In fact, we know that seeing is believing. Data confirm it. Conexus Indiana partnered with BBC Research & Consulting to survey parents in Indiana about their perceptions of manufacturing.

The survey results showed:

  • Only one-third of parents surveyed were familiar with the manufacturing industry;
  • Only 10 percent consider manufacturing a desirable career; and
  • 50 percent of parents surveyed underestimated industry salaries.

The silver lining for manufacturing in the report was that parents familiar with the industry were more likely to find manufacturing careers desirable.

Fewer than 5 percent of parents who were unfamiliar with manufacturing found it desirable, but familiarity breeds desirability. Parents who were familiar with the industry were much more likely to say it is desirable.

This is one reason we celebrated Manufacturing Day on October 4, a yearly event spearheaded by the Manufacturing Institute to help drive greater awareness of manufacturing, its opportunities and impact. 

In Indiana, there are nearly 100 events scheduled across the state in October where young people, their parents and educators tour manufacturing companies, participate in hands-on experiences and learn more about what’s being made in their towns. Students can see first-hand how innovation and technology are transforming manufacturing by harnessing data and digital tools like 3-D printing, virtual reality and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

To learn more about the outstanding opportunities in the manufacturing industry, visit the Northeast Indiana Job’s Portal or connect with Conexus Indiana.