Mural Fest Artist - David Rice

July 14th, 2020

Q&A with David Rice - Make It Your Own Mural Fest Artist

Wells County | Bluffton

1. Why is public art important to a community’s quality of life?

Public art is important because of its accessibility to the community. Most often art is viewed in museums and galleries that may not always be accessible to everyone, or it might not be in someone’s interest to visit a museum. Murals and other public art bring the work straight to the community for all to enjoy. It can add a new dimension to the landscape of a town, and engage its citizens on a daily basis.

2. Why did you apply to install a mural in Northeast Indiana?

I have done quite a few murals in larger cities, and only a handful in smaller cities. I found that working in a smaller city or town, I get a lot more engagement with the community. There seems to be more of an appreciation for the work that is being done and affects the people that live there more directly. I believe this project will have that same artist-to-community connection I have seen in some of my smaller city projects. It is extremely rewarding to see a community rally behind your work and show their appreciation for what you have brought to their town.

3. What is it about installing/painting murals that you enjoy so much?

It is fun to see your work on a scale that is much larger than you would be able to create in the studio. There are a lot of challenges when painting a mural, from the size to the surface texture and the weather to the timeline. It is an interesting feat to react to these variables and still produce quality work. It is not easy, but that is what makes the challenge so fun.

4. What is it like installing a mural?

Painting a mural is much more physically demanding than you might think. There is a lot of movement and strain required to cover a large surface. Additionally, there is usually a tight deadline to complete the mural. Quite often muralists are required to work long days to complete the project on time. It is exhausting but also satisfying to see what can be accomplished when you push yourself.

5. What else would you like Northeast Indiana residents to know about you and your artwork?

I would like the people of Northeast Indiana to know that this mural is for them. I am just there to add to the region’s landscape and help create an image that brings the community together. The goal of my artwork is to add to the already vibrant attractions and community in this area. There are too many things dividing us right now, it is important to have something that can bring us all together.

About David Rice

David was born in Aspen, Colorado where he lived until he graduated from high school. Living in Aspen helped David develop a passion for art and the surrounding environment, and spurred his love for the outdoors. After high school, David moved to Boulder, Colorado where he received his Bachelors Degree in Studio Art. His pursuance of art and design has led him from Colorado to San Francisco to Portland, Oregon where he now resides. In 2013, he met up with artist Blaine Fontana and began a rigorous internship for the next year. This experience gave him a huge insight into the professional art scene. Click here to learn more about David.

See examples of David Rice's previous work below!

David Rice Muralist
David Rice Muralist

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