Mural Fest Artist - Key Detail

July 6th, 2020

Q&A with Key Detail - Make It Your Own Mural Fest Artist

Allen County | Fort Wayne

1. Why is public art important to a community’s quality of life?

It is very exciting for us to consider ourselves to be a part of this project because we believe that our art will be inspiring for many people. It is also very important that the city gets beautiful art that inspires locals and attracts tourists. It helps the community to become stronger and close-knit. It teaches the young generation that art creation is a magical and interesting process. Our aim is to create an environment in which any individual can feel welcomed and valued. Our objective is to inspire those who see our work to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty. 

2. Why did you apply to install a mural in Northeast Indiana?

Indiana is the place where we always feel welcomed. It is the state where we have done several important projects for us. We love that the projects we do allow us to meet people, travel to places, learn about subjects that we didn’t know, find interesting facts from the history of cities we paint at, see the beauty of our world. We explored the central part and south of the state but have never been in Northeast Indiana. We didn't want to lose the opportunity to visit Northeast Indiana and paint beautiful for the city.

3. What is it about installing/painting murals that you enjoy so much?

With every new project, we are always fascinated by the scale of the “canvas” we have. The walls allow us to think big. From the beginning, the process of transforming a blank wall into artwork is something magical for us. It is a kind of meditation. The most exciting part of the process when you see the finished artwork and when you get positive feedback from locals. 

4. What is it like installing a mural?

It is exciting every time! All phases of the process are impressive - when the sketch from the paper is appearing on the wall when colors are popping out little by little when the composition is getting visible. We have a precise scheme of every phase of the installation. We feel very confident when we get to work. 

5. What else would you like Northeast Indiana residents to know about you and your artwork?

We want them to have a good experience with us. We are very passionate about every project and we hope that they can feel it and get inspiration from us. For every project, it is very important to be engaged with the local community because they are going to see our mural every day and our design is going to be part of their lives. 

About Key Detail

Internationally-renowned KEY DETAIL, of New York City, is a husband-wife team. Andrei Krautsou and Julia Yu-Baba are mural artists who also work with paintings and illustrations. A native of Belarus, KEY DETAIL has been active on the art scene since the early 2000s. KEY DETAIL has been creating mural art for more than ten years and has installed murals all over Europe, Asia and U.S. Click here to read more about Key Detail.

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