Mural Fest Artist - Ricco Diamante

July 16th, 2020

Q&A with Ricco Diamante - Make It Your Own Mural Fest Artist

DeKalb County | Garrett

1. Why is public art important to a community’s quality of life?

Public art is important for people to experience, even for just a few seconds, to move them from their everyday routines into the realm of possibilities. Public art becomes an interactive gathering place that slows people down to look up and become engaged in a shared visual language. Art inspires thought and conversations about why the art was created. Public art is accessible to everyone and builds a sense of community around a painting that can represent both beauty and history. 

2. Why did you apply to install a mural in Northeast Indiana? 

I applied to paint a mural in Northeast Indiana to ignite the imagination of everybody who views my art. I want the mural to be both commemorative and beautiful. I hope the painting inspires conversations about how public art is essential for community health and growth. I saw this opportunity to paint as an experience that would be rewarding for both my artistic achievements and for the community to watch the production of a thought-provoking mural. I hope this mural prompts positive discourse and more murals for the city.

3. What is it about installing/painting murals that you enjoy so much?

Freedom. Painting a public mural is interactive between the community and the artist. It is a unique experience to be a performance artist and paint large with a changing audience that encourages and critiques the progress. Mural painting becomes a marathon with the community cheering me on to finish strong.

4. What is it like installing a mural?

Installing a mural is a major artistic production. The painting needs to both complement and enhance the building as well as come alive and command attention. The mural installation requires strategy and discipline to meet huge goals every day to achieve the deadline. It is definitely challenging to paint an image that will move countless people for many years, but the art has to be successful in both decorative and historic meaning.

5. What else would you like Northeast Indiana residents to know about you and your artwork?

I want Northeast Indiana residents to know that I love to impact people in a positive way through my art. I want my art to make an impression that stays with them for a long time. I do my best to create images that bridge experiences and culture with the symbolism in the art to create something far beyond personal expectations. I love making art for maximum exposure.

About Ricco Diamante

Ricardo Diamante Guerrero, raised in Defiance, OH and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Ricardo is known as Ricco Diamante a graduate of the University of Saint Francis and CEO of Diamante Studios Tattoo and Fine Art. He primarily creates art on skin, canvas, and paper. Ricco specializes in life-like detail in his art and tattoos. Being a great husband and father to two sons is a huge part of his life. Ricco is now excited to create mural art for entire communities. Click here to learn more about Ricco.

See examples of Ricco Diamante's previous work below!


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