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Mural Fest Artist - Tim Parsley

August 7th, 2020

Q&A with Tim Parsley - Make It Your Own Mural Fest Artist

Kosciusko County | Warsaw

1. Why is public art important to a community’s quality of life?

Public art is a tangible reminder to us to stop and see things differently. It can help break us from our usual routines and think differently about our world by inspiring us, challenging us, and engaging our creative curiosity.

2. Why did you apply to install a mural in Northeast Indiana? 

I was honored to have been invited to paint this mural. I’m incredibly excited to be part of such a great event in this region.

3. What is it about installing/painting murals that you enjoy so much?

As an artist, so much of the work I do is cloistered away in the privacy of a studio and can sometimes become very detached from the world around me. Painting murals transform what I do as a studio artist out into my community, allowing me to listen to others and engage with what makes a certain place special. I’ve met so many great people and been a part of some wonderful community conversations because of the public murals I have painted. 

4. What is it like installing a mural?

They say that the way you eat an elephant is one bite at a time... I don’t know anybody that actually eats elephants but I know that this is a good description of painting a mural. It’s a process. At times it feels like it’s more accurate to say that you “build” a mural as much as you paint one. You have to constantly keep the end in mind in order to continue through all of the challenges that can come up in that process. You have to weather not only the actual weather but also all of the stages where it may not look that great yet, knowing that it’s going to come together in the end and be worth the effort.

5. What else would you like Northeast Indiana residents to know about you and your artwork?

I’d like them to know that the murals I paint are an extension of what I do in my personal portfolio as an artist and as an art professor at the University of Saint Francis. I try to guide my students in the practical and sustainable application of their artistic skills in order to support themselves, but also show them how their art can be good for the world they live in.

About Tim Parsley

Tim Parsley is a professor of studio art at the University of Saint Francis (Fort Wayne, IN) teaching courses in mural painting and public art, training students to successfully create public art projects in their communities.  As a public artist and educator, he has created numerous large-scale murals, nationally and internationally.  Most recently, he painted the nearly 6000 square foot mural of an American bison in downtown Fort Wayne entitled, “This Land Was Made for You and Me.” Currently, Tim serves as a member of the City of Fort Wayne's Public Art Commission. Read more about Tim Parsley on his website.

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