Mural Fest Artist - Zach Medler

August 26th, 2020

Q&A with Zach Medler - Make It Your Own Mural Fest Artist

Adams County | Geneva

1. Why is public art important to a community’s quality of life?

Public art is powerful in that it creates a public aesthetic. It is best when it tells local stories with local hands. It defines what is significant. It subtly rallies public pride of place. It becomes local tourism info covers and IN travel magazine photos. It becomes part of what a place is. Especially, for small towns where everybody knows everybody. That is why it important to support local voices in mural projects, so the aesthetic truly reflects the place and the people.

2. Why did you apply to install a mural in Northeast Indiana? 

I live in Indiana, was born in Geneva, lived in Berne as a toddler, before moving to the Indy suburbs. After graduate school, trying to eke out a career in the arts, I worked at the edelweiss flower shop in Berne, while teaching with Artsplace in Portland. Every summer, I visited Geneva with the Arts in the Park program, and have possibly delivered furniture to you or installed carpet at your homes through Medler’s Furniture intermittently over the last 30 years. I am proud to be able to share my work with your community. And I’m am even more proud that the work I share is influenced by my own life experiences in and around Geneva.

3. What is it about installing/painting murals that you enjoy so much?

Every wall is different, and every wall has different challenges. But for me, it is about being in the moment just slugging away at it, arms dead, fingers cramped, back screaming, and ready for another 10 hour day tomorrow. I’ve been an endurance athlete my whole life and doing big walls is the same kinda energy. 

4. What is it like installing a mural?

It is like a really long run, at a pace just past comfortable. 

About Zach Medler

Zach Medler, is a muralist and printmaker from West Lafayette, Ind. He has painted more than 20 large scale murals and produced two street art festivals working with arts and community organizations, social practice artists and cities. His style plays heavily off of contemporary Americana themes using patterns and landscape elements to create both abstract and representational works. Learn more about Zach by visiting his website at

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Make It Your Own Mural Fest worked with 11 muralists from around the country to install murals in Northeast Indiana's 11 counties. Want to learn more about the Mural Fest artists?

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