Mural Fest Mentee - Seddrick Lorick

August 28th, 2020

Meet the Mentees - Seddrick Lorick

Why did you decide to participate in Make It Your Own Mural Fest?

I'm a new upcoming artist in Fort Wayne. I've really been wanting to take my art to the next level. I was referred by a few friends about this opportunity. I checked out Make It Your Own Mural Fest, and it was more than what I was expecting. I get to learn under a great artist, take my art to the next level and share the history of a county for everyone to see. How dope is that?! 

What do you want to learn in the mentorship program?

How to apply paint to a wall. I would like to learn about the artist, different painting techniques and do and don't of installing a mural. 

Why is public art important for the community? 

It's important because like me I'm pretty sure there are other people who would rather see history in picture form. A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Mural Fest is named after Northeast Indiana's Make It Your Own brand. What does "make it your own" mean to you?

To add your twist to something. To add your mark. 

What are the best aspects of Northeast Indiana's art scene?

I live in Fort Wayne, so the best aspect for me is seeing the murals driving downtown or on the main roads. When your driving you can see them as you pass or even stop and take pics. Also, local artists are having a lot more art shows. The art shows are amazing. Shout out to the Comfort Zone art show!

What else should we know about you?

Well, I'm 29 years old, and I am originally from Miami, Fla. I've been living in Fort Wayne for little over half of my life. I have been drawing for 24 years. I love my family, eating, traveling and staying active. I love to challenge myself in hopes that it will help my family and friends challenge themselves and we all become great together. Art is my life and I wanna keep molding my skills. I've played college sports and I've also been in the military. I'm loving life and enjoying the process.

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