Mural Trail Photo Contest Winner Shares Personal Experience

January 6th, 2021

Make It Your Own Mural Trail Brings Public Art to Life

Brooke Vanderpool of North Manchester was one of the winners of the Make It Your Own Mural Trail Photo Contest thanks to her creative image of her family enjoying the Mural Fest Trail. 

We asked Vanderpool to share her experience during her family's exploration of the Mural Trail. Read more about the Vanderpool Family's experience below.

Why did you participate in the photo contest?

We love posting our adventures on social media! And we had plans to visit all of the murals either way. The photo contest was an added bonus! 

What is your favorite mural and why?

Of course, our mural in Wabash County in North Manchester is our favorite! The vibrant colors, location and what it brought to our small community make it a favorite. 

When visiting the mural, what was one thing you enjoyed about the community you were visiting?

Visiting each mural allowed us to explore counties as a family that we have not visited before. We tried new restaurants, shopped new stores and explored 11 counties. So definitely "something new" and "exploring" were the two things we loved about the counties we visited. 

If you could encourage others to travel the Mural Trail, what would you say?

Go explore Northeast Indiana! And don't try any of the chains... try local to each county when it comes to food and shopping. 

Anything else you'd like to add?

The Make It Your Own Mural Fest accomplished the mission the Regional Partnership set out to accomplish. It brought public art to small communities and each of the 11 counties in Northeast Indiana. But it also brought and is still bringing business to each of the 11 small communities. Thank you for investing in public art and our community. We are truly blessed by this experience. 

Download your copy of the Make It Your Own Mural Fest Trail Guide.

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