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New Feature Improves Efficiency on Jobs Portal

July 9th, 2018

Employers Now Have Administrative Login to Manage Database of Jobs

From advanced materials to vehicle manufacturing, companies are working overtime to influence and attract quality talent. Employers in Northeast Indiana need skilled talent to sustain and grow their business and the region’s economy. In the global war for jobs, many employers are struggling to find efficient and effective resources to market job opportunities to job seekers.

Recently, employers utilizing Northeast Indiana’s Jobs Portal found success in attracting talent and filling jobs.

On the jobs portal, employers can customize their story. From salary information to listing company benefits, employers have the power to tell their best story. A new administrative login allows employers to manage a database of jobs, import an excel file to post multiple and republish jobs with a click of a button. The portal also provides top-level analytics for employers to better understand what jobs talent is clicking on and how many times.

Unlike other top job sites, Northeast Indiana’s Jobs Portal not only markets job opportunities to talent nationally, it also showcases what it's like to live and work in Northeast Indiana through visual and narrative storytelling.

Last year, in addition to those already living within the region, job seekers from Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Ann Arbor, Cincinnati and other Midwestern communities visited Northeast Indiana’s Jobs and Internships Portal. A campaign marketing the Portal to these cities outside of Indiana generated more than 5.1 million total impressions and over 9,800 total clicks leading to more than 11,000 page views in just 3 months.

As employers look to hire quality talent to sustain and grow their business and the region’s economy, the jobs portal gives them an edge on recruiting efforts to make a positive impact on hiring efforts.

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