Regional Partnership Welcomes New Investors

May 28th, 2019

Clean Fuels National

Headquartered in Petroleum, Ind., 40 miles south of Fort Wayne, Clean Fuels National is the largest United States company specializing in fuel tank cleaning and fuel filtration procedures for both underground and above-ground storage tanks.

Clean Fuels National holds two governmental patents for the system and method of remediating phase-separated fuel, and they have salvaged millions of gallons of phased fuel since the company’s inception in 2000.

In 2018, Clean Fuels National was named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing, privately-held companies, and they currently employ 75 full and part-time employees, the majority of whom reside in Northeast Indiana. 

“Clean Fuels National is participating in the work of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership because it is our desire to join with other companies throughout the region bettering individuals, their present and future lives and the communities in which they live. We are only as good as the people who make up our region, which is why we need to do our absolute best to both attract and retain them. This, in turn, will only work to strengthen us all,” said Mike Vanover, president and CEO of Clean Fuels National.

Embassy Theatre

The Embassy Theatre is a vibrant venue, a strong economic vehicle and an iconic cultural and arts pillar for Northeast Indiana. The Embassy is a nonprofit arts organization with a mission to preserve and protect the historic facility through excellent events. Their programming draws a diverse range of audience demographics from the region as well as from other states. They offer arts and educational programming as well as host private events that draw more than 150,000 patrons a year. In addition to feeding the artistic soul of our community, the Embassy’s events positively impact the economy with more than 400 events hosted last year.

“We are all very proud of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership’s groundbreaking and collaborative work. This regional focus provides a platform to publicize our success stories nationally while also fostering connectivity among current residents. The Embassy can and should continue helping tell those stories and strengthening our region,” said Kelly Updike, executive director of the Embassy Theatre.    

Flagstar Bank

Flagstar Bank, a full-service banking and lending company, was chartered in 1987 as a federal savings bank. Today, Flagstar has assets of $19.4 billion. It is also the fifth largest bank mortgage originator nationally and the third largest savings bank in the country. Flagstar prides itself on crafting customized solutions for its customers.

Flagstar’s expertise in the business arena ranges from loans to small businesses and middle market companies to special expertise in working with public entities. As a national home lender, Flagstar not only has standard conventional loans but also loan solutions for first-time homebuyers and special programs to help rebuild communities. 

“Banks have special relationships with their communities because we accept deposits from them. When our communities do well, it helps us do well, so we have a strong interest in supporting organizations like the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership that are dedicated to making our region a place where businesses want to come and stay,” said Gary Wolf, first vice president at Flagstar Bank.

Ice Miller

Ice Miller LLP is a full-service law firm dedicated to helping their clients stay ahead in a changing world. With over 340 legal professionals in seven offices including Indianapolis, Chicago, Columbus, Philadelphia, New York City and Washington D.C., Ice Miller advises clients on all aspects of complex legal issues across more than 20 practice areas. Ice Miller’s focus is primarily within the business sector, and their clients include emerging growth companies, Fortune 500 corporations, municipal entities and non-profits.

Ice Miller LLP has a strong commitment to the communities it serves. The attorneys and staff members are actively involved with many community organizations, and through their involvement, they support more than 125 non-profit organizations with both monetary donations and personal service.

In addition, Ice Miller is dedicated to building a talented and diverse workforce, which they believe drives creativity, fuels innovation and strengthens relationships. They also believe this approach to the workplace allows them to provide the best possible legal services to their clients.

“I have personally been involved with the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership since its inception, but that was as a state legislator. We knew then what we know now, Northeast Indiana has phenomenal potential, but our region needs to work together to reach that potential. We aren’t Indianapolis with its limitless resources, so that means we must work effectively and efficiently to promote the regional economy. The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership provides that united front through its work and services,” said David Long, partner at Ice Miller LLP. “As a new partner at Ice Miller LLP, I want to continue my work with the Regional Partnership, this time as a private citizen. Ice Miller is excited to be a new member of our community, and this is a way both the firm and I can give something back to our area. The future is bright for Northeast Indiana, and we look forward to doing what we can to help move the ball forward."

MSKTD & Associates

MSKTD & Associates was formed in 1978 and has always called Fort Wayne home. Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana have grown tremendously through the years and so has MSKTD!

With over 80 employees, MSKTD has a full complement of architects, engineers, interior designers, planners, landscape architects and support personnel on staff ready to serve the communities where they live, work and play. 

MSKTD recognizes that every project is unique. So, they assemble the best and most appropriate team of design professionals to work on any given project. Often, this means collaborating with other design and construction professionals. This flexible and client-focused approach has been extremely successful and a true win-win scenario for MSKTD, the projects and their clients. MSKTD looks forward to what the next 40 years will bring to the region and how they might be a resource and asset during this important growth.

“While we have been putting our design expertise to work for the communities that form the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership for years, we want to “formalize” our relationship. By formally acknowledging our involvement with the region, we believe we can be an even greater resource to those wanting to make a difference in Northeast Indiana,” said Gary Voirol, president of MSKTD. “Being a good partner requires a commitment to share in the risks and rewards. MSKTD looks forward to being even more engaged and working hand in hand with the leaders of Northeast Indiana. That’s our goal and that’s our commitment!”

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