Driving Results for Northeast Indiana

November 13th, 2019

Top Achievement over the Last 5 Years

Across the nation, Northeast Indiana and Fort Wayne are recognized as a great place to live and do business! 

At the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, our mission is to build, market and sell Northeast Indiana to increase business investment. We’re driving for specific economic results, too. Through our Vision 2030 initiative, we’re working together to increase per capita personal income to 90 percent of the national average, raise credential attainment to 60 percent and grow our population to one million residents by 2030. 

Simply put, increasing regional prosperity is what we’re all about. 

We have a clear vision: “Working together, Northeast Indiana is a magnet for the best businesses and talent, and is recognized as one of the nation’s most prosperous regions.” 

We’re looking for collaborators, innovators, leaders to join us in our pursuit to secure Northeast Indiana’s economic future and compete in the global war for jobs and talent. 

Below, you'll see a list of Northeast Indiana's top achievements over the last five years. As you read, we ask you to consider one thing: How you can play a part in cultivating Northeast Indiana's future economic success? 

Will you join us? 


Increasing Per Capita Income for 8 Consecutive Years 

  • Regional economic developers in Northeast Indiana use per capita personal income (PCPI) as an economic indicator because it represents a historical regional data trendline that accurately illustrates the comprehensive story of personal income growth over decades. PCPI is more than just wages; it also considers investment, entitlements like social security and other additional income. Over the last eight years, PCPI in Northeast Indiana’s 11 counties has grown at a rate even with the national average. In 2017, more than $33.2 billion of total personal income circulated in the region’s 11 counties—an increase of $1.2 billion of total personal income compared to 2016. 

Growing the Region’s Population 

Attracting Business, Issuing Projects 

$42 million = $258 million through Northeast Indiana RDA 

Regional Internship Program for Employers 

  • In Northeast Indiana and Fort Wayne, we know that increasing the number of high-quality internships and experiential learning opportunities will prepare students for full-time employment and expand our talent pool for regional employers. That’s why we host the Professional Development Series as part of our Regional Internship Program for Employers. Over the past few years, the program has engaged more than 70 regional employers and influenced nearly 300 students from almost 90 colleges and universities around the world. In 2019, we increased student participation by 98 percent over the previous year. Students came from many places around the world including many different states and countries like China, Bangladesh and Vietnam. When surveyed, 88 percent of interns said they would consider living in Northeast Indiana after graduation. 

The Northeast Indiana Colleges and Universities Network 

  • The Northeast Indiana Colleges and Universities Network is a collaborative effort among 10 unaffiliated higher education institutions in the 11-county region. This unique consortium is designed to ensure that employers considering a relocation or expansion in Northeast Indiana have access to the talent they need. The Regional Partnership works collectively to give site selectors, economic developers and business decision-makers swift responses to requests for information and to directly connect employers to Northeast Indiana’s robust talent pipeline. With more than 40,000 students in over 240 degree and credential programs, the network is fully invested in aligning higher education strategies with regional economic and industry needs. 

Vision 2030: An Evolution of Building a Region 

  • Vision 2030 builds on the successes of its predecessor, Vision 2020, yet streamlines the processes to encourage greater community engagement and more nimble action. Vision 2030 is aimed at achieving three bold goals by 2030: increasing per capita personal income annually against the national average, growing our population to 1 million residents and increasing the percentage of our workforce with a postsecondary degree or credential to 60 percent. To keep our community thriving, economic development, education and community leaders must work together and act now to increase population, encourage wage growth and ensure Northeast Indiana is competitive in the global economy. 

Telling Northeast Indiana’s Story Nationally 

  • To achieve our vision for the region and become nationally recognized as one of the most prosperous regions, the Regional Partnership works closely with national public relations firm Development Counsellors International (DCI) to showcase the compelling, authentic stories of businesses and talent living and working in the 11-county region. With over 680 million impressions since 2016, Northeast Indiana’s outstanding business climate and quality of life are grabbing the attention of national media. Over the years, the team has secured articles in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNN Business, Chief Executive Magazine, SELF, USA Today and Readers’ Digest. 

A Brand for Talent: Make It Your Own 

  • “Make It Your Own” is Northeast Indiana’s brand to attract and retain talent in the 11-county region. Make It Your Own is designed for businesses to use in their talent recruitment efforts to tell Northeast Indiana’s compelling story through a logo, tagline, marketing materials and authentic narrative. The brand was developed as a long-term marketing strategy with a multi-year execution plan. The Regional Partnership is promoting the Make It Your Own brand regionally and nationally through partnerships with media, special publications featuring local talent, a customized website showcasing the region’s quality of life and a brand video. 

Marketing Northeast Indiana’s Jobs 

  • From advanced materials to vehicle manufacturing, companies are working overtime to influence and attract quality talent. To showcase the full scope of career opportunities in Northeast Indiana, the Regional Partnership launched a regional Jobs and Internships Portal. Unlike other top job sites, Northeast Indiana’s Jobs Portal not only markets job opportunities to talent nationally, but it also showcases what it is like to live and work in Northeast Indiana through visual and narrative storytelling. The Jobs Portal has received over 66,000 pageviews with users from states like Ohio, Illinois, New York, Michigan, California, Missouri and Kentucky. 

Lafayette Center Road Connects Counties through Collaboration 

  • Recognized as a hallmark example of the power of collaboration, the Local Economic Development Organizations (LEDO) Council and the Mayors and Commissioners Caucus decided to develop a regional “spine” for transportation infrastructure based on economic impact. This decision led to a prioritized list of regional transportation projects to support Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) planning and legislative advocacy. It was this process that led to the $30 million Lafayette Center Road extension, which began in March 2016 and was completed in Fall 2018. The $19.1 million project from U.S. 24 in Huntington County to Fogwell Parkway in Allen County included building a railroad overpass, widening the road from two to four lanes, adding a center turn lane, upgraded traffic signals and other improvements. 

Northeast Indiana is investing in talent like never before. If you're looking to understand the region's talent climate, get the talent data you need. 

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