Northeast Indiana Welcomes New Investor

January 6th, 2021

Rural Sourcing Joins Regional Partnership as Investor

As a purpose-driven organization, Rural Sourcing is committed to creating high-quality technology jobs in the U.S., and positive change in the communities in which they operate. With software development centers exclusively located throughout Middle America, Rural Sourcing leverages overlooked, highly skilled technology talent to provide world-class solutions to their clients. Over the last decade, they've bridged the gap between businesses and professionals living and working in communities across the country, and advanced our mission of bringing thousands of jobs back to the U.S.

CEO Monty Hamilton believes in the power of “doing well by doing good,” and has empowered our nearly 600 colleagues to do the same. With a special emphasis on STEM education initiatives, Rural Sourcing colleagues have given their time to organizations including Girls Who Code,, Cultivating Coders and a variety of local schools and universities.

"The mission of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership and Rural Sourcing closely align. Both organizations are focused on creating solid and sustainable foundations for the growth and development of the communities we serve.  It's a natural partnership," said Bill Rose Development Center Director for Rural Sourcing. 

Learn more about Rural Sourcing by visiting their website here. 

Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana are led by ambitious people marked by ingenuity and positivity—now that’s a community worth investing in.

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