Northeast Indiana’s 50-Acre Sites

By: Brandon Noll on June 28th, 2021

Brandon Noll

Available Shovel Ready, Certified Sites in Northeast Indiana

As a kid growing up in rural Steuben county, I thought of “land” in two ways. There was the land you farmed and the land you hunted (sometimes that was one and the same). Also, when I was young, the term commercial only meant one thing, 30 seconds of interruption during the T.V. show or ball game I would be watching. 

It was not until much later in life did the terms land and commercial have a different meaning. In fact, today, I think of commercial land as it is defined—a real estate property that is used for business activities. Luckily for us in Northeast Indiana, we have an abundance of land ready to be built on

During a conversation with a corporate real estate consultant, the question was asked, “how many 50-acre sites do you have in your 11-county region?” 

When we searched our website we found nearly 50 properties. The consultant was impressed and our business development team saw an opportunity to inform others about the power of the region’s site inventory.

In partnership with the Local Economic Development Organizations (LEDOs), we have compiled a list of sites that we can strategically sell as 50-acre sites. These sites are being showcased around the world, offering companies an abundance of land to build their next headquarters or facility. 

We've curated a list of the top 19 50+ acre sites in Northeast Indiana. 

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Large plots of land are tremendously valuable to the economic development community. The land offers opportunities for companies or developers to build the exact building they want, as opposed to having to conform to a fully constructed building. 

In fact, some of our sites in Northeast Indiana are deemed “shovel ready.” These sites are site certified, meaning there have been environmental clearances, infrastructure is in place, soil analysis is done and more.

This approach mitigates risk and allows companies or developers to begin building much more quickly than land that is not “shovel ready.” 

Whether you are looking for a technology park, industrial center, or business complex, we have them all in Northeast Indiana.  


From sites to buildings, Northeast Indiana has an inventory to help your business grow. 

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