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Northeast Indiana Screams with Ice Cream

June 25th, 2018

The Ice Cream Tour You've Been Waiting For!

There is something nostalgic about visiting local ice cream shops. Many of the shops are unique and are a source of pride to their perspective counties. Northeast Indiana has a plethora of these family-friendly cold spots nestled in all of our 11 counties. Blogger for Eve of Steve, Steve Clark, has been kind enough to share all of these regional treasures in a county organized list. So though there will always be love for chains stores like Dairy Queen and Zestos, make some new memories or start a new tradition by taking the ice cream tour across Northeast Indiana. It's sure to cool to you off from the summer sun. 

A Single Scoop Serving from the Original Blog

Locals came and went as we snacked on our treats. It was fun, blending in with them, becoming members of the community, if only for an evening. While Magic Wand hadn’t been Alyssa and I’s original destination that night, I was glad we’d found our way there. In the days that followed, the whole experience got me thinking: how many other Magic Wands are out there, nestled in the communities of Northeast Indiana?

    -By Steve Clark with Eve of Steve 

Explore the local ice cream shops of Northeast Indiana.

Read the Entire List on Steve's Blog
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