Make It Your Own Mural Trail Photo Contest Winners

November 1st, 2020

Northeast Indiana Residents Travel Mural Trail

Northeast Indiana is home to a legacy of makers, doers, creators and innovators, and we are celebrating Northeast Indiana's eclectic story with Make It Your Own Mural Trail photo contest. 

In the fall of 2020, individuals submitted photos to the Mural Trail photo contest. Congratulations to our Make It Your Own Mural Trail photo contest winners!

Prize Package #1: Foodie’s Paradise ($400 value) 

Prize Package #2: Discover Regional Boutiques ($400 value)

Prize Package #3: Adventure Awaits Outside ($400 value)

Prize Package #4: Family Fun for Four ($400 value)

Prize Package #5: Make It Your Own Art Weekend (over $1,000 value)

Enjoy a weekend in Fort Wayne and experience art through a variety of experiences!

Want to see the before and after photos from Mural Fest?

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