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Positive Views of Northeast Indiana

By: Ryan Twiss on June 27th, 2018

In 2012, I wrote a blog for this site titled, “My Story Made Here.” I was motivated in part to write that blog by a series of improved quality of like marketing materials that the Partnership was launching to showcase how great Northeast Indiana is. (Our stuff is even better today, so check it out)  Admittedly though, the real impetus for that post was the frustration I’d been harboring for a couple of years about how law school classmates responded in 2010, when I announced my plans to return to Fort Wayne after graduation. Here’s an excerpt from that blog:

When I graduated from law school in 2010 and decided to return to Northeast Indiana to start my career, I felt an unnatural compulsion to explain my decision to my classmates. These folks came from and were returning or relocating to all corners of the country. They simply couldn’t understand why I would want to go back there, when I could choose any other place in the nation. My friends would frequently ask, “Where are you going after graduation?” To which I’d reply, “Back to Fort Wayne.” Then, with the smug air of incredulity unique to the recent law grad they’d demand to know, “Why?!”

The point of my original blog was to point out how great Northeast Indiana is and how silly that question is, but it got me wondering. With all the incredible development, excitement and momentum our region has experienced in the eight years since I graduated from law school, do people still ask why?

What do you think? When you tell people you’re from Fort Wayne, Northeast Indiana, or anywhere else for that matter, what do people say?

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