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Project Maple Leaf - Northeast Indiana Success

January 19th, 2012

What is economic development all about? Survey says: growth and structural change! That being said, Iotron and Northeast Indiana hit it on the nose. In 2010, after a long 16 month search, Iotron decided to locate its new 54,000 sq ft. Electron Beam sterilization and materials modification facility here in Northeast Indiana. (Read about the story of Iotron/Project Maple Leaf here.) The construction was estimated to cost $15.3 million and the company is expected to open February 2012.
So what exactly is Iotron and what does the company’s new facility mean for Whitley County and Northeast Indiana? Iotron is a provider of superior quality Electron Beam processing services and equipment. Electron Beam processing can modify the physical, chemical, molecular and biological properties of an array of materials and products, improving their usefulness and enhancing their value. Iotron deciding to build its facility here in Northeast Indiana means a number of things:



  • 20+ jobs created for Northeast Indiana residents

  • Our region’s medical device companies have easy access to sterilization; Iotron is centrally located between Warsaw and Fort Wayne

  • Through collaboration, Northeast Indiana can be SUCCESSFUL and land jobs and capital investments

  •  With the help of our collaboration and our mission to exceed expectations, we can be a global competitor in this economy

Northeast Indiana is growing and it will continue to do so as long as we keep exceeding the expectations of ourselves and our residents.
As you know February is almost here, which means Iotron is gearing up to start operations soon. Here is a sneak peek into the company’s Whitley County facility that they posted on YouTube. It’s a quick two minute look inside the facility that outlines what they do. Take a look!
Until next time,
Erica Hahn - Vision 2020 Coordinator

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