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Recruiting Resources for Northeast Indiana Employers

By: Kate Virag on September 9th, 2019

Let Us Help You Tell the Story of Northeast Indiana

As active recruitment and talent attraction becomes increasingly critical to the success of businesses in Northeast Indiana, employers often tell us that they could use an assist with “selling” Northeast Indiana to prospective talent.

The Make It Your Own brand was created to do just that. The brand provides employers with narrative imagery, video assets and authentic storytelling to market the assets and quality of life Northeast Indiana has to offer.

We created as a special web landing page for prospective talent, and we’ve also provided specific employer brand resources that are free-of-charge to help YOU market and sell the region to job candidates for your business.

Free resources for employers include:

  • Make It Your Own promotional items store–perfect for recruiting or new hire gifts!
  • Brand Guide, including HTML code to embed the brand logo and link on your website
  • Pocket Guide for Employers
  • Make It Your Own promotional video
  • #NEIpride Social media mosaic
  • Make It Your Own Lookbook
  • Brand launch webinar

As we market the brand externally in key target talent markets, we know the marketing efforts will be most impactful on prospective talent if the brand message across the region is reinforced on employer and community partner pages. We ask all regional employers to use the recruiting resources provided and link to the Make It Your Own brand site to ensure consistent, up-to-date messages.

Thank you for your efforts to attract skilled talent and grow our regional population!