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Regional Partnership Welcomes New Investors

February 5th, 2020

Bippus State Bank

The Bippus State Bank is a locally owned independent community bank headquartered in Huntington with offices in Huntington and Wabash Counties. Organized in 1911, The Bippus State Bank is a leader in agricultural, residential and small business lending. Quick local decisions and loans structured to the specific need of each borrower allow the bank to deliver excellent customer service and products for any situation. 

As of Dec. 31, 2019, the Bippus State Bank had total assets of almost $190 million. 

“The decision to join the Regional Partnership was a desire to participate in the continued momentum of the growth of Northeast Indiana. Our banks continued growth and success can only be maintained by the continued growth and success of Northeast Indiana. A community bank has an obligation to assist and invest in the communities they serve and this is certainly an important way to do that," said Ryan Warner, chairman and CEO of Bippus State Bank.

Horizon Bank

Horizon Bank is a community bank serving Indiana and Michigan. Horizon is all about people and community first. That’s why Horizon Bank has woven its fabric around building relationships with customers and local community neighbors by providing exceptional service and sensible advice.

“We love working toward the same goal–enhancing and increasing business investment in the communities where we live and serve. The clear-cut vision, initiatives and exemplary leadership Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership has for Northeast Indiana align with our values and goals as a community bank," said Jay Maddox, market president for Horizon Bank in Fort Wayne.

Lifeline Youth & Family Services

Lifeline Youth & Family Services help individuals and families discover solutions that will allow them to reclaim control, rebuild relationships, and restore hope. They deliver counseling and support to people privately when and where they need it most, whether that’s in their home, at their office, in their school, or even online. Why? Because Lifeline Youth & Family Services believes that a healthy family can improve the economics, education, health, and behavior of our community more than any other factor. Lifeline Youth & Family Services' ultimate goal is to help individuals succeed, families thrive, and communities prosper.

“After evaluating other local, regional, and state opportunities, we believe that working with the Regional Partnership provided us the greatest ability to change our community and our state. I believe that Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana are poised to be the example to the rest of the state—and even the country— when it comes to economics, education, behavior, and health. We want to be part of this incredible opportunity," said Mark Terrell, CEO of Lifeline Youth & Family Services.


Shindigz is a leading national retailer of party supplies, favors and decorations. The company offers over 20,000 items and focuses on unique, creative and personalized items that simplify the spectacular and make every celebration—both large and small—special and memorable. The company has moved into its new headquarters in downtown Fort Wayne and is excited to be a part of the transformation of Fort Wayne in building a collaborative ecosystem of talent in technology, creative and design capabilities. Shindigz offers products for company events, holidays and birthdays and special occasions of all kinds. From giant palm trees to life-size 3d stand-ups, banners to photos canvas, fabric to table covers and everything in between, Shindigz is ready to help you make memories.

“As a part of our move to downtown Fort Wayne, the Regional Partnership was critical in helping us make the decision to stay in Indiana and be a part of the exciting transformation of downtown. We want to help lead this effort and support the connections between education and business, build a technology and design community and collaborate with other local companies to achieve our potential. We are excited about the future and look forward to bringing the unique culture of our 94-year-old start-up to DTFW," said Shep Moyle, CEO of Shindigz.

Strategence Capital

Strategence Capital is an investment advisory dedicated to educating our clients via a clear, jargon-free approach to investing. The goal is to help clients make the most of their individual financial investments and provide competitive retirement plans for their employees. What sets Strategence apart is the commitment to personally serving clients and a values-based approach to the work, which demands that it puts client interests before its own. Ultimately, Strategence Capital is interested in serving those who wish to lead lives of significance and who understand that wealth is a tool for that purpose, not the end goal.   

“I’ve always been excited to see the latest initiatives and efforts of the Regional Partnership and decided to get involved because I see the great work that’s being done for my family and our regional neighbors," said Graig Stettner, financial advisor and partner at Strategence Capital.

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