Regional Partnership Welcomes New Investors

March 7th, 2019

Titan Title

Titan Title is a 100 percent locally-owned and operated title insurance company, headquartered in downtown Fort Wayne. With two locations and decades of experience in Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana, Titan Title provides unique solutions for any residential or commercial real estate purchase, build or refinance transaction. From searching and closing to escrow and full title insurance services, Titan Title is the perfect partner to protect you or your business from the many potential risks associated with gaining and maintaining free and clear title to real estate.

Nearly every initiative of the Regional Partnership correlates with Titan Title’s ability to execute and deliver better products and services to the region. With the entirety of the company’s workforce and reinvestment of profits being based in the region, it’s exceptionally important that businesses align goals with those who can affect positive change. The engagement between the Regional Partnership and local businesses like Titan Title is paramount to the growth of both parties and the region as a whole.

Team Quality Services

For more than 20 years, Team Quality Services (TQS) has provided customers with peace of mind, with the automotive industry’s largest network of quality liaisons across North America. With more than 150 liaisons at over 75 original equipment manufacturer (OEM) locations, TQS provides customers a consistent, scalable and connected approach to OEM representation. TQS is a family-owned company with a global reach. They believe in having a people-first culture, where employees and customers are the top priority. TQS invests in their team, encourages growth and fosters leadership, with a customer-first mindset.

TQS believes the Regional Partnership works hard to bring the region together, give individuals and corporations a voice in the future, and develop Northeast Indiana to attract and retain the talent for continued growth.

Gibson Insurance

The team at Gibson are advisors and consultants, not just insurance brokers. The team proactively identifies, quantifies and manages risk. Clients’ total cost of risk expands far beyond an insurance policy and the Gibson team. By using a proprietary GPS process, Gibson customizes strategies that work uniquely for clients. This focus on process and strategy creates impact beyond the client and leverages the strengths of a team of over 160 professionals.

Awarded multiple Best Places to Work in Indiana and listed as one of only four firms in the United States that won the Best Practices Agency award for all 25 years of existence, the Gibson team gives time, talent and treasure to the communities in which they live. Volunteering thousands of hours and donating to hundreds of non-profits, the Gibson team believes that it is their responsibility to give back to the community.

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