Register for the U.S. 30 Corridor Study Public Open House

June 2nd, 2021

U.S. 30 Limited-Access Freeway Work Critical to the Future of Northeast Indiana

According to an INDOT analysis, the transformation of U.S. 30 to a limited-access freeway will reduce the number of accidents along the corridor by 323 per year, reduce the number of fatalities by four year by year, create 10,000 new jobs and add $900 million in real personal income growth.

U.S. 30 is a critical lifeline in support of the transportation of goods, services and products of one of the most manufacturing-intensive regions in Indiana to a global marketplace.  The transformation of this corridor into a freeway is a testament to the unified commitment of the business community leaders across Northeast Indiana to step up to meet the needs for both increased safety and efficiency.

Business Leaders Encouraged to Attend Event

The U.S. 30 corridor has experienced an increase in vehicle delay and corridor crash rates and has been identified as an area of need for transportation improvements. U.S. 30 is a major connector from Chicago to Fort Wayne and has experienced multiple fatal accidents over the decade. 

The purpose of the U.S. 30 Corridor Study is to successfully plan a transportation improvement strategy that best reduces congestion, improves safety and accommodates future corridor growth at the intersections of U.S. 30 while minimizing impacts to environmentally sensitive areas and supporting opportunities for economic development.  

The purpose of the open house is to receive information on the land use and knowledge of the area from the community as well as to share the results of the preliminary investigations that have been completed thus far. The information and comments received will be used to further assess the alternatives and select a preferred alternative.  The presented alternatives have been evaluated based on their performance relative to a number of engineering and environmental factors. The study team is seeking comment from the public regarding the analysis as well as information that can benefit future project development.

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