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By: Sonya Snellenberger-Holm on July 7th, 2020

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Professional Development Focused on LinkedIN, Financial Literacy 

In Northeast Indiana and Fort Wayne, we believe that increasing the number and quality of internships and experiential learning opportunities will prepare our students for full-time employment and expand our talent pool for regional and prospective employers.

As Northeast Indiana competes globally for talent and business, we know our region must attract and retain the talent needed to support our growing economy and business attraction efforts. One way we can achieve this goal is by attracting and retaining talent through our Professional Development Series.

The Professional Development Series for Interns started out strong, and there are more opportunities to participate!

The June sessions focused on CliftonStrengths for Interns, Addressing Your Implicit Bias and Lesson from Leaders. We hosted over 200 interns, representing 40 companies, and we also welcomed over 20 leaders from across the state.

Over 90% of interns surveyed reported that the information presented in the first three sessions will help them in their future career.

In addition, we asked students what they learned during the sessions. Below are a few highlights of what we students had to say:

  • CliftonStrengths for Interns: “Everyone has their own strengths. Knowing your strengths improves your ability to be efficient and approach work in multiple ways.”
  • Addressing Your Implicit Bias: “I learned that I can dedicate more time and energy towards mindfulness and thinking through what biases I do have. Doing this will allow me to actively fight the implicit bias in all my actions and, hopefully, change them over time.”
  • Lessons from Leaders: “I learned that there are more ways to be a leader and practice leadership skills than just having a leadership title.”

We are also encouraging interns and students across Indiana to register for the upcoming Professional Development Series sessions. Click below to register.

Make the Pledge for Indiana Intern Day 2020!

Also, it’s not too early to start planning your National Intern Day celebration or join ours!

July 30, 2020 is Indiana Intern Day! Join Indiana INTERNnet and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education in celebrating Indiana's interns. The occasion is modeled after National Intern Day – a movement to honor interns and the employers that provide meaningful internship opportunities.

Make sure your company or school pledges to participate in Indiana Intern Day by filling out the online pledge form. Schools can also participate as a way to recognize their students who are interns. You'll receive a digital content kit with sample social media posts, graphics and ways to celebrate your interns.

To learn more about Northeast Indiana’s talent initiatives or the Regional Internship Program for Employers, reach out to Director of Talent Initiatives Sonya Snellenberger-Holm at

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