Retired Couple Travels Make It Your Own Mural Trail

By: Jaclyn Goldsborough on December 2nd, 2020

Travel the Make It Your Own Mural Trail Safely this Winter Season

Jennifer Vaughan and her husband moved here after college. Somehow, nearly 50 years have passed and the Vaughan family is happy to call Northeast Indiana home.

Vaughan worked in the education system across Northeast Indiana for decades and recently retired from her 20-plus year tenure at Northside High School. 

When COVID-19 threw a wrench in her retirement plans, uprooting her dreams of traveling and enjoying time with family, she knew it was time to reclaim her version of retirement. She was in search of something fun, new and exciting. That's when she learned about Make It Your Own Mural Fest and the Mural Trail. 

It was after watching "PAINTED", a 30-minute special about Mural Fest produced by the team at WPTA, that she knew exactly what her next adventure would be—traveling the Make It Your Own Mural Trail. 

"We heard smatterings about Make It Your Own Mural Fest all over the place! I volunteer at the art museum as a docent, and we were doing our regular zoom meetings and one of the docents shared that she hosted the artists that created the Fort Wayne mural," she said. "Then, just a few days later Krista Miller did her special called PAINTED. As we watched it we were really excited. It offered something to do!"

After a quick visit to, Vaughan mapped out her and her husband's route around the region. 

"We did the full Mural Trail over three days. We hopped in the car and went to the locations and took pictures. We also stopped and got take out from restaurants, too. It was nice to be able to go out and we found a few places we didn’t know about," she said. 

Vaughan said she was surprised to learn so much about a community she's lived in for so long.

"Exploring the different communities was amazing. We found so many new areas by just driving around. You never know what you’re going to see!" she said. "You can stay safe because you’re just driving and stopping by."

Traveling the Mural Trail reminded her of why she moved here in the first place, and also reinforced the reason she stays, even after retirement. 

"In Indiana, we’re all like, 'It’s just 'Indiana,' but there are so many interesting communities that we should be aware and proud of. I don’t want to miss the importance of that," Vaughan said. 

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