Sharing Messages of Hope in Northeast Indiana

February 2nd, 2021

Northeast Indiana Will Emerge from Pandemic Stronger Together

A study conducted in late 2018 by Parkland Health in Dallas produced insights relevant for us as we approach the one-year mark of the pandemic.

The goal of the study was to understand the causes of emergency room over-crowding in hospital systems in Dallas County. A key discovery identified that a unique set of 80 patients frequented emergency departments across all four hospital systems. All totaled together, over 12 months, these 80 patients accumulated 5,129 emergency department visits at a cost of over $14 million. Parkland dug deeper to discover the “why”.

You might already be guessing what could drive these patients to be repeat visitors to the ER. If you are suspecting loneliness and the need for caring and loving relationships, you are on target.

This data proves what I also know to be true, we need connection and glimmers of hope.

Just one year ago, we had only begun to grasp the surface implications of the pandemic. Masks, social distancing and stay-at-home orders were just the beginning. I recall my first trip to a grocery store greeted by a “mask required” sign, and I didn’t even have one with me or in the car.

I am sure I was not the only one that acted like this would be over soon, and we would be back to life as we once knew it. Yet none of us could predict the impact on the economy, employment or our budgets. And, I’ll bet I still have a lot to learn on what the long-term emotional implications of the pandemic will be for all of us beyond the startling magnitude of the loss of human life.

I know that for me the central place of family, friends and faith have come into sharp focus. Through the necessary masking and isolation of the pandemic, how many of us secretly crave the same connection that those Parkland Health patients sought through the care and love of a fellow human being? 

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Encouragement, hope and the light for a brighter future are just ahead. Here are some encouraging stories that bring me hope.

  • There is hope in the success of our partners and investors. The growth of their businesses, recovery from shutdown orders and words of encouragement are powerful, even when the best we can do is connect virtually. 
  • It is inspirational to read Sweetwater’s success in 2020, “what we are really celebrating is the resilience, determination and success” of their clients amid unprecedented economic challenges. As a result, 400 new team members found good jobs and hope for a brighter future for themselves and their families.
  • I am very excited by a meeting of prominent relocation consultants in a recent webinar hosted by the Site Selectors Guild. They are seeing strong evidence predicting confidence in economic development projects moving ahead in 2021. Over 80% of the consultants believe that foreign investment in the US will stabilize and grow this year after experiencing a dramatic decline in 2020. These professionals also acknowledge that site selection will embrace hybrid methods in the future. Click here to download a larger version of the Site Selector Guild infographic.
  • We are making major strides in the conversion of U.S. 30 to freeway status. The challenge has been enormous but the risk to safety and the transportation of goods and our workforce is too great to ignore. In December, it was a powerful moment to witness a unified Northeast Indiana standing strong to advocate for the project as business leaders and elected officials committed their public support. How can you not be excited about our future as we confront and resolve tough, long-standing challenges together?
  • With renewed hope, thousands of residents across the region are being vaccinated each day. Our daily rate is only limited by the available vaccines we might receive. Mindy Waldron of the Allen County Health Department says “we are rocking and rolling each day and hungry for more vaccine as soon as it becomes available.” How can we not be filled with some sense of relief and hope in the prospect of inoculating our communities against this terrible virus?

Now, I ask you, what do you find encouraging? What provides you hope that our future will be brighter? Where do you find your connections for hope and encouragement each day? What have we learned together that promises to pay dividends when we emerge into a post-pandemic world?

As we stay the course to beat this ruthless pandemic and emerge a new, stronger Northeast Indiana, I ask that we share messages of hope care as we create our brighter, post-pandemic future together.

If you are willing, I invite you to share a word of hope and encouragement with me in this form below. All messages of hope shared are private.

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