Survey: Discovering Northeast Indiana’s Talent Development Perceptions

October 22nd, 2020

Northeast Indiana Students, Professionals Encouraged to Take Survey

The Olin B. and Desta Schwab Foundation invested more than $2 million to launch a new collaborative initiative that helps Northeast Indiana students identify their strengths and talents and develop them into careers. Over the past year, the Schwab Foundation partnered with Ivy Tech Fort Wayne, Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana, Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership and Region 8 Education Service Center to align resources that guide students in grades 6-14 through the discovery and process of creating and executing a career plan. 

The Regional Partnership is now working with Britton Marketing and Design Group to develop a marketing and communication strategy for talent development and career exploration in the Northeast Indiana region which furthers the work of Vision 2030. The development of this talent brand began weeks ago with seven focus groups including Northeast Indiana stakeholders, business leaders, educators, parents and students to understand the various perceptions around education, training and future career opportunities available for students.

In the next phase of the project, we are conducting surveys to collect additional input and hear from a broader group of individuals. 

Northeast Indiana students and professionals are encouraged to take the survey or surveys listed below. The survey takes less than 10 minutes and is grouped into six categories listed below. If you fit into multiple categories, please feel free to fill out more than one survey. The more regional input we receive, the better we can create an inclusive, informed strategy .

Surveys for Students:

Surveys for Professionals:

The information gathered through the surveys, and the previous focus groups, will be used to build the region’s overall message, value proposition and communication strategy to help students engage in experiences, develop skills and realize opportunities that allow them to discover what they are good at and how they can get paid for it.

If you have questions, please reach out to Vice President of Talent Initiatives Ryan Twiss

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