The Perks of Moving Downtown

May 21st, 2018

Top 5 Reasons I Love Living Downtown

Last year was a game-changer for me. My husband, Noah, and I have full-time jobs, but decided to start and operate a business to invest in our future. We were living in a lovely, nearly 100 year old home in a historic neighborhood in Fort Wayne at the time. One day, Noah came home from work and reluctantly asked me what I thought about renting again. Thinking I would immediately shut down the idea, to his surprise, I was elated! It was as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. We loved our home and neighborhood, but the upkeep was competing for time with our new business.  So, we packed up, and moved to an apartment downtown. We haven’t looked back!

Moving to downtown Fort Wayne is of the best decisions we’ve made and here is why.

City Living Dreams

I’ve dreamed of living the city life for almost as long as I can remember. I figured I missed the boat to live downtown since I didn’t do it in college. I grew up in rural Huntington, so just moving to Fort Wayne in college felt like a change in the right direction. One of the great benefits of Fort Wayne is that it is spread out and you can live in all kinds of neighborhoods. Whatever you lifestyle, there's a neighborhood to fit! However, my heart yearned for not just any kind of neighborhood, but the downtown neighborhoods. The yearning only increased since seeing all the quality of place projects developing. I feel like I’m fulfilling a life-long dream.       

Low Maintenance

This seems like a no-brainer and echoes the sentiment above. Rather than focusing on yard work and fixing appliances, Noah and I can keep investing in our future by focusing on our business. If the dishwasher breaks, who cares? We’ll put in a maintenance request!   

Walking, Walking, Walking

Walking has been one of the huge benefits about living downtown. As long as the weather isn’t too rough, I’m lucky enough to walk to work every day, not to mention all of the other places I get to walk when I’m not on the clock. From restaurants to parks, living downtown allows us to have easy access to all of the best assets of downtown Fort Wayne.


It’s no surprise that Fort Wayne is on its A-game when it comes to food. From food trucks, cafés, breweries and farm-to-table downtown Fort Wayne has something for everyone. We love to eat and you'll find us in downtown Fort Wayne restaurants often. 

Fests and Events

As summer approaches, we fully expect to be the pre-party and post-pass hang out location for friends and family during festival season. Noah and I are passionate about life and celebrating, so being able to walk to the downtown festivals rounds out the top reasons for to live downtown.